#QQ4U on Financial Stewardship

… Or just funny math

Which is better?

.5% off the interest rate on 20,000 over 60 months

Or $1500 off the purchase price

Or depleting your savings and pay in full because you don’t want to eff with the financing?

Thing is this money is just sitting around in a savings account getting peanuts for interest. The interest rate on the truck loan is way more than we’re earning. Seems like financially paying cash would be better. But having less than five grand in liquid savings is scary. Technically we do have other savings but we can’t touch that without penalty. Maybe we should live on the edge?

Asking for a friend.

As always, more to come.

For 3/3/19 ~ “Takin Care of Business”

Sorry to hear Helen won’t be returning. I wish her well and hope she finds answers. Special thanks to Jim for continuing as host. Today’s prompt is occupation.

Instead of picking a single career, I chose work themed in general. I had lots of options. “9 to 5” or “Working for the Weekend” to name just two.

Ultimately I settled on Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Takin Care of Business”. Writer(s): Randy Bachman. I remember when I first heard this song. A friend of my brother’s was playing it on a harmonica. Swoon. Without further ado, here you go. Lyrics within …

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As always more to come.