So, … Tis True

Everything has a breaking point.  Things you think you absolutely cannot bear and things you are SURE you will NEVER get over do eventually fade.  Often sooner than you think, we adapt and move on.  Or we are old and forget.  Toe-MA-toe, Tu-mah-toe.

I was cleaning up drafts today and deleted a whole big bunch of angst.  Whew!!! I feel the bad ju-ju lifting up and up and away in that beautiful balloon (kids’ song ear worm that I will not subject you fine folks to on this hazy gray day).

Lulu gave me her theory … that people choose not to share the bad stuff because doing so hurts too much.  She says to her that’s okay because … well because those things are private after all.  BUT silence has a BIG but … not sharing doesn’t mean they are not experiencing some genuine crap.  Everybody has something going on because nothing is perfect.  Sometimes those with the outward appearance of “having it all together” are the most in turmoil.  They have just become adept at covering the flaws.

How sad!  I want everyone to wallow with me in my misery.  Pity me!!

No I don’t want that.  I wish peace and happiness to the world.  Yet I am grateful for the sulky, suck-ass, kick in the gut stuff too since that is how I know the world is full of real true honest to goodness beauty.  Let’s just say that I am not buying the social media version of people’s perfect worlds anymore.  You don’t fool me.

Oh and FB can suck it because you have blocked me from sharing my own posts as they do not meet community standard.  What standard is that?  Huh?  Bite me!!!

As always, more to come.

$10 No …

I won’t finish the phrase cuz it’s off color and not funny but it’s something my ex-marine buddy coworker from 1984 said all the time.

Any hoo. We’re having the senior combo concessions. $5 each for pop corn and a kid drink. $5 x 2 = $10. Well duh 🙄

Pony: We’ve reached that stage huh?

Me: Yes as of January.

Pony: I guess I should face the fact I’ve got old ass parents.

B: And I face the fact you’re an old ass kid.

Lulu: Yeah I’m the only young one.

As always more to come.

#Grateful 3/10/19

My attempts at micro photography bring me peace.   They are lame and blurry (well some are blurry) but they make me happy.  And grateful.  These trees our in our yard.  We will get peaches and one day almonds.  Planted isn’t always a bad thing.  Who needs more when less is so enticing.  Ah now she waxes philosophical and has lost most of you.  For those who hang on, see the six pics below.

Peach blossoms
More peach blossoms
Bud about to open and spider web (if you look close enough, you’ll see it)
A rose by any other name is a peach. I think I am sooooo funny. But it does sort of look like a rose bud in all its’ blurriness.
The would be peach duo
Almond flour

As always, more to come.