Censorship and Freedom of Speech, Nary The Two Shall Meet

Really Dubsie? This early in the morn. You’re spouting philosophies. Well what else am I going to do but muse while I wait. And this one has been percolating for a while.

Being banned really pissed me off. I even set up a new account using my middle name and different email address trying to link my WP as a workaround. My attempts failed. And now I keep getting notices of people I may know for someone else. Well it’s me but when seeing my middle name, I forget for a split second. It’s kinda funny actually. Cecilia you may know …

I’m still at a loss how I could be banned. It wasn’t my haiku about the stealth wildlife photog because I’d been banned earlier. I’ve gotten more intel and apparently my posts regarding mental health were offensive. Or maybe it’s mental un-health. Admitting the human frailty of life. That offends. Yes it did. All the while political hate on both sides is allowed.

Not fair! But alas no one ever said life was fair. In my humble opinion, words should not be banned. Ya that’s right. Even that awful sickening hate speech. I have the option to scroll on by. If I stop to wallow with the haters, that’s on me. If I don’t like it, I shouldn’t look, comment, or otherwise react. You see reaction perpetuates the ignorance. Ignoring shuts down the commentary. But only if everyone follows suit.

Any who you can’t fight city hall. Instead I’m gonna veg out on People Magazine as I wait for B to be done. Then we’ll spend a workweek day together. That rarely happens. I’m grateful for moments like these.

As always more to come.