#1linerWeds. 3/13/19

My view today is gray and I got rained on during my walk from garage to building. But I am grateful because I have a view and I can walk in the rain. Perception is all relative.

I saw a quote on the Purple Almond last night and I wanted to grab it for today and of course cite the source. But now I lost the quote somewhere in the spare room for Jesus. What??

OK I am leaving those words. Yesterday I learned Words / Matter. I am using talk to text and the above Jesus sentence was transposed into what you see. Ooooh is that fate, kismet, faith? I’ve no spare room. My empty nest is overflowing.

OK Jill land the plane this is one-liner. Paraphrased:

It doesn’t matter if it’s factual or not … if you believe it’s true then it is true.

Our minds are powerful for sure.

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As always more to come.