A Week Late But Posting Anyway

Spring break

I ❤ this picture.  Spring Break of 1983.


So, … My Head Hurts

We switched to the HRA and now our prescription drug coverage has a deductible.  Though in the marketing to compare and contrast the PCA and HRA, the literature said the RX coverage was the SAME!  Bullshit!

I also have a very teeny tiny HSA to buy my big red boat one day.

The inequity is just wrong.  We are still fortunate but now we are middle tier price-wise for medicine.  If only I didn’t know others got the same drugs for less. Of course to get back into best tier status, We’d have to go to a PCA and pay much more in premiums.  This is a racket I tell ya.  And sad that folks have to go without due to this crooked system.

I wish I knew what to do to help.

As always, more to come.