Sprucing Up The Place

This is my home now.  Eff you FB!  Hope WP doesn’t decide to ban me as well.  I am semi-reeling here.  What the heck did I do and who the heck did I offend?   That’s not me y’all.  Neurotic sure but offensive???  Someone thought so and turned me in.

Anyway, I figured I’d bloom where I was planted and spruce up the place.  I added the category Storytime with two sub-categories: #FlashFiction and 100 Words or Less.  I’m trying to be creative y’all.  Part of my therapy.  #FlashFiction already had some entries and 100 Words or Less has the first official post coming up this Friday.

As always, more to come.

A Poem About Anxiety

Sitting in the metaphorical dirt

That clouds my racing brain

Wondering how I got here

Again and again and again

Nothing seems to work

To keep the doubts at bay

Fear is the only constant

And my tears that I hide away


I know I am not alone.  And I know that my “issues” do not surpass anyone else’s.  All is relative mi amigos and amigas.  For as long as I can remember, my “stuff” wasn’t important.  I dealt by making jokes and minimizing my feelings.  Why should I complain when what is happening to other people around the world is absolutely atrocious?  I mean c’mon.  Read the news.  If you do, you know I got nothing.

Ah but I do.  And the dam is about to break.  My heavy aching flood of emotions have been contained far too long.

As always, more to come.