It wasn’t an honor to be nominated because I wasn’t just nominated.

Today I was awarded the presidential coin presented for excellence. At first I thought it was recognition for 35 years of service but when I saw who it was from, I knew it was something different. When I opened that envelope, read the kind words, and checked out the coin, I kind of went a little crazy. I was super surprised which made it all the more sweet. Go team!!

Then tonight the conversation went something like this …

Me: I was awarded the presidential coin today.

B: That’s good right?

Me: Yes. 2nd time in 35 years which means it’s rare.

Pony: How can you give it back?

Me: I want to keep this coin. It’s recognition for a job well done.

Pony: You really want our president’s coin?

Me: Presidential as in P&C. From my company.

Pony: Ah. Okay. That makes sense.

Lol. My snarkalicious kiddo.

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. for 3/6/19

Linda starts us off with raw poultry of the uncooked variety cuz ya know raw and uncooked are like night and day.  And it is lunch time around these parts.  Yum!  Not really.

I like my chicken grilled to perfection.  So this brown bagger with no leftovers got a spinach, strawberry, feta, almond and grilled chicken salad for lunch.  Now that is Yum!

Oh happy day after a crappy night.  What a difference a day makes!  Not out of the woods yet but feeling better.  Note to self:  Jilly take your pain meds.  Sometimes 1/2 the battle is mental.  I hate these damn pills and do not want to become dependent.  I know that and I skimp on them like a pill hoarder waiting for a rainy day.  But there are times like last night when I hit a wall and the pain is intense.

Anyhoo enough about moi. Instead here’s a one liner …

It seems to me we all have a story to tell ~ Walt Disney

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