Sunday Rambling of the Last Day of March Variety

Holy blazes.  Tomorrow is April 1st!! What the what?  Somebody stop the ferris wheel.  I wanna get off.  Seriously!  Yes Meredith Grey seriously!!

I escaped my thoughts for a moment.  How you ask?  Well I realized WRiTE CLUB 2019 has begun.  Twitter parties on 4/2 and 4/11.  All the while #AtoZChallenge is happening simultaneously in part.  That fun begins tomorrow … no fooling April Fools.  No really.  Tomorrow #AtoZChallenge starts.

Story of my life.  Feast or famine.  In April, I am feasting. Nom, nom, nom! Bon Appetite!

The hunger pangs are for real y’all.  I am IF cuz if Hoda and Kathy Lee can endorse said nonsense then “who am I to disagree?” That’s a song lyric I think. “Travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something”.  More singing in my head.  Ah!  That’s the stuff!!

No rest for the weary folks.  I shall sign off and see ya on the flip side.  Until then, wishing you many blessings.

As always, more to come.