#1linerWeds. 03/27/19

Yay for springing Spring!!!  I was so over winter.  I left my common place book at home again.  Going to wing the one liner.  But I picked up a cool book at the library by Lin-Manual Miranda and Jonny Sun – “Gmorning, Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me and You”  Might even have to break my rule and buy the book.  I need daily pep talks y’all.  I mean c’mon who doesn’t?!!? And the book (which I also left at home) has lots of one liner fodder.  Anyhoo, here goes nothing:

It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing Milk Bone underpants. 

Norm from Cheers

To play along or to read from those who did, look here.

As always, more to come.