#JusJoJan ~ 1/14/19 – Reflection

Janet prompted us with reflection.  Thank you Janet for the wonderful prompt.  Folks, look here to see Janet’s blog.  She is very creative and her blog has lots of cool stuff.

January 14, 1961 – July 19, 1999

Rest in Peace

Remembering ~ The Dash

Big Brother


In this case, I use reflection as in serious thought or consideration.

Back in July 1999 as the world mourned the passing of JFK Jr, our family mourned the loss of my brother Jimbo Pete.  I mention this because of the similarities – born two months apart, both died at the age of 38.  Both gone too soon.  Both deaths a tragedy.  Though that is where what’s in common ends.  Their lives could not have taken more different paths.

My mom had died that January before Jim.  Lulu was a baby.  Dad remarried a year and some months later and was on his honeymoon that July when we got the news that Jim was gone.  This was pre cell phone.  A few days would pass before we could reach him to tell him what happened.  A father should not outlive his child.  Simple fact.  We’d be reminded of this in July of 2006. When B’s brother died.

An overwhelming amount of life events (birth, death, marriage, death) were packed into a very short time.  As I look back, I see we endured and became stronger.  We had no idea then that things could be worse.  Well maybe some idea but not with certainty.   One thing I have learned is that certainty is eventual and fleeting.  Control is but an illusion.

As I sit here reflecting today, I am reminded of perseverance.  I am grateful and humbled.  2019 is my year of doing which I hope to translate into doing … serving … living life to the fullest for the rest of my days.

I don’t want to reflect on the past and what might have been.  I must move forward.  Now I am second guessing myself.  I should have gone with relfection as in mirror.  Doh!  Guess I will save that for next time.

As always, more to come.

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7 thoughts on “#JusJoJan ~ 1/14/19 – Reflection

  1. It’s hard to lose loved ones at any time. Sorry your family went through such upheaval in so short a time. Your new baby was a bright spot, though, and moving forward, making the best of life circumstances, even now, is a good thing..

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  2. Aw…! Hugs to you as you reflect on losses in your family – way too young, and how you have found the courage and ability to persevere. xx

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