Random Musings 1/22/19

I’m easily amused. Today I partook of … drum 🥁 roll please

Soaking it in while I still can. And I walked as I ate my cone cuz I’m pretty sure there’s no calories if you walk briskly while eating.

I also hopped over to my new parking structure. The one that I’ll start using on Monday. It’s a long way away. Which I’m grateful for because walking to and fro will be my only exercise.

On the way back I took a detour. Along the river which is where I saw AFLAC

I was going to walk farther. But I saw two young gentleman jump off a balcony of one of the pricey condos. I’m like holy sH!t they’re robbing the place. They weren’t robbing the place … I have no idea what was happening but I got paranoid and I ran back inside.

As always more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/22/19 – Curiosity

Hello fellow bloggers. Time for #JusJoJan. Pamela prompted us with “curiosity”. See her last post here https://butterflysand.com/2019/01/21/daily-quip-1058/

Hi Pamela!!! Great prompt.

Thank goodness for curiosity because being curious was likely the impetus to improvements in a wide variety of things. Ya know, like light 💡 bulbs over candles 🕯. The telephone. Medical advances and as much as I grouse about the medical meat market I have to admit some very cutting edge work is happening. Skies the limit!! Cool 😎 stuff.

My first thought 💭 though was a rhyme.

Curiosity killed the cat 🐈

Satisfaction brought it back

So scratch those curious itchy parts y’all. In other words, if you’re curious about something then follow the path. Even if doing so bites you in the behind. Cuz “they” whoever “they” are say we learn even from our failures.

And that’s all she wrote. For today that is. Bueno bye 👋

As always more to come.

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