Big Brother

I hit the proverbial jackpot when it comes to big brothers.  Jimbo-Pete oh how I miss you.

I have written about you before on this blog but this time I have pictures to share.  Thanks to an unproductive but most enjoyable Saturday, I found our annual school pictures from 4th and kinder, then 5th and 1st.  No uniform, free dress in Sunday best!  I am not sure where all the other years’ pictures went.  I guess I just stopped making scrapbooks.


Just look at us styling in 70s fashion.  You were my friend and protector.  So many wonderful memories growing up at 223 Howerton.  Riding our bikes and climbing the cypress trees.  You put up with me being a tag-a-long and having a crush on almost every one of your friends :).  Smiling through the happy tears today.

As always, more to come.


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