Reality TV, Made For TV Movie, and Book Turned Into Netflix Movie

I was thinking of the zombie apocalypse.  Really I was.  I mean c’mon.  Isn’t New Years Day a time to reflect?  What crazy might 2019 bring?  Zombies?

But I jest.  I was mixing my memories.  Googling  “Where have all the people gone?”  I expected to see the following:

This is “Where Have All The Children Gone?”  Not People.  I used to watch this dribble.  Don’t ask me why because I’ve no idea. If you still like shows like Dance Moms, more power to you.

Instead what popped up is this:

I remember this 1970 something made for TV movie.  And I thought hey I just read a book like this … but nope instead, I just watched another made for TV movie of a similar ilk … Bird Box.  Have you seen it?  Well I did and well I expected better from the hype.

There was supposed to be tons of symbolism but that went right over this simpleton’s head.  What the what Captain Obvious?  I still don’t understand.  Plus the ending sucked.  All IMO.  What’s yours … if you’ve seen any of the above that is?

As always more to come.

I’m On It! Lookie Here Y’all

Pay dirt!  When asked “Could you research superstitions on Tuesdays?” by Joey over at joeyfullstated; I replied, “I’m On It!”

Followed by thought bubbles … Challenge accepted!!! bam-dum-tis went the cymbals.  Not to be confused with Cymbalta.  Too much?  Uh ya, it was.  Roll her back girlfriend.

Ookie Dokie.  Reason two fold for looking up this nugget of gold, I’m trying to break my own record for most posts in one day and get a WP response for my efforts AND find out what the heck is superstitious about Tuesdays.  Tuesday ain’t no Friday the 13th but if it was …. we’d be in Greece.  Bazinga.

Lookie here y’all – Let’s get out the scissors and cut some hair while wearing garnet or ruby stones and pink or lilac colored clothes.  What’s not to love when an article gives you the Smithereens!!!!  Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.


J-Dubs Review of “The Death 💀of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware

I’m on a roll.  I stayed up past midnight last night to finish my current book “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware.  Ringing in the New Year was secondary.  Though I will say in a brief rat hole diversion that we had more fireworks in da hood last night than the prior five years combined.  Not sure if it was the 300 for good ole SAT or just normal fluctuations in mores.  Look at me using BIG little words.

Anyhow, this book was our January book club pick which I got back on 12/17/18 since we had our December meeting early.  I couldn’t wait until January so that should tell you something … the book was good.  Solid story-telling.  No gimmicks – Chapters # 1 to 50. Chronological order with only a splash of flashback in some diary entries.

There is one major flaw in my humble opinion that had to do with timing.  Why would the “mom” wait to ask for support until Hal was 18?  Don’t know what I mean?  Read the book and then let’s chat.

Otherwise grade a mystery, “Flowers in the Attic” like in setting and temperament. I even got some quotes for my common place book.  This one … my oh my … it’s long but sooooo connected with me:

I wanted to write in my diary – to do as I always did when things get too much – let it out onto the page, like kind of bloodletting letting the ink and paper soak up all the grief and anger and fear until I can cope again.  ~ Maggie from “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware.

I call it “releasing the hounds”.

And only one problem with finishing early, the library is closed today.  Guess I’ll have to break out my Kindle.  Bleh.

A recommended read.   3.678 out of 5 stars.  My rating system is sooooo lame.

As always, more to come.


1/1/19 #FlashFiction – 100 Words or Less

“It’s all about to end” Lilly exhaled.  “Back to reality tomorrow”

“Reality?  What about these last two weeks have been false?” Hope inquired of her friend

“You’re not funny sis, that’s irritating!!”

“Well, you started it.  I’m nervous enough already”

“Who isn’t?  New beginnings, new set of mixed emotions”

“Why couldn’t we just stay at our old place?”

“We should run away”

“From reality?  No sense in that.  Besides she’d find us.  She always does” Hope sighed.

“Promise me Hopie.  Promise me you won’t ever leave me”

“Deal.  Scouts Honor”

Sadly that pledge was meant to be broken.

Why? Just Why?

This superstitious thing has got to stop.

What a mess.  I had my day all planned.  Now, nope snag in the road.  Why?  Just why?  I read something that I can’t un-read. And I’m caught by the nonsense of it all.  But not enough to test the theory.

Let’s go back a bit shall we?  I had the blessed opportunity of 4 days off to do whatever I pleased and that I did folks.  Whatever … the hell … I pleased.  I lounged and read and wrote and listened to music.  I rolled where the wind blew me.  Went to bed when I felt like it, got up without the blasting alarm.  Selfish pure unadulterated me time!!! Oh the guilt but moving on.

Time is doing that funny warp thing and moving like the speed of light.  I wanted to make good use of these seconds, minutes, hours, days that I knew I could not get back.  Which is why I set everything aside with the intention of making today, this random Tuesday .. wait what Tuesday?  It’s Tuesday?  See what I fucking mean.  … this random any day Tuesday was to be a top to bottom clean up.

Letting you in on my secret … I went from depressed, sleeping unless at work, and housekeeping was way too much effort existence to obsessed.  I REALLY enjoy certain aspects of domesticity and at a minimum understand some tasks are not negotiable and need to be done at regular intervals.

But now I find I cannot do laundry today.  Well I could but I’d wash away all our good luck. I can’t take out the trash either.  Lest we lose stuff all of 2019.  What the what? We cannot afford that.  You see a few bombs have dropped recently.  Again.  I know timing sucks but really just life.  Considering I have way more than I deserve … a warm house, transportation, food, clothing, creature comforts to include nice warm fuzzy socks, there is definitely no need to complain.  Ever.  Really?  Yes really!! Not EVER!!

Doesn’t make the suck hurt any less yet gives comforting perspective.  IMO because diminishing feelings a cardinal no-no.  Been through enough therapy to know that.

Anyway, without further ado, the article that  generated the question … not the original source but I picked this list because of the other superstitions noted.  13 News Years’ Superstitions

You best believe we’ll be eating some black-eyed peas 🙂

As always, more to come.


#JusJoJan ~ 1/1/19

Let’s get this party started shall we? Resolutions … for 2019 … or in general.

Love em?

Hate em?



I guess I am in the neither camp. But I respect your right to decide.  Doh! Getting all PC right at the top if it huh Jilly?  Get on with it.  Just do it!

Well you don’t have to tell me twice.  Might have to tell me three times or more but anyhow.  Moving on. Here are my resolution posts … either direct or implied.  Recycling

Resolutions Suck. (Make them anyway.)


Random Musings To Close 2018

I am starting the year of doing, giving, being, acting, showing up.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  #JusJoJan.  See the cute lil stick person typing away.

Fire or lightning  from the keyboard.  I resemble that remark.  And you too can join in the fun or see what others create.  Look HERE.

J-Dub’s Review of “Where the Crawdads Sing” By Delia Owens

Keeping the review short and sweet without spoilers.

Abandonment and perseverance despite the odds. Marsh Girl aka Kya Clark is left to fend for herself among the wilds of Barkley Cove NC.  This is her story.  A murder mystery and trial are thrown in for good measure.  Poses questions about life in general, defying stereotypes.  Who we call family and who we can count on in times of trouble.  And an inner strength we possess in absence of that.

I really enjoy when fiction takes me away but also makes me think.  A quick read in two parts.  Aptly titled chapters.  Poems sprinkled within.  I ended up with three pages front and back for my common place book.  I highly recommend.  Time well spent.

As always, more to come.