Final Musings for Sunday 1/13/19

I get these alerts on my phone about screen time.  I guess Apple thinks I’m a kid who needs monitoring.  Limiting screen time is good for all of us which is why I am NOT complaining.  Or balancing screen time maybe?  Moderation in everything including moderation as the coaster from the Esquire Tavern reminds me.


Now if we were on FB, I’d tag three of my favorite people!!! But I am leaving FB … sort of.  There was this thing about someone hacked your account.  I did the things and checked the things and looked like the all clear.  I changed my password and now use two factor authentication.  Which is why I did not log in all week.  I mean c’mon that extra step takes a millisecond but what a pain in the arse.

Specifically my usage is down 34%.  Only two hours and 19 minutes over the last seven days.   Not too shabby.

Letting you in on a little secret, I moved to my desktop.  Lol! Oh wait!  I cracked that code, that must be why my screen time is down … no FB and more desktop. Big Brother aint got nuthin on me.

I am calling it a day though.  Two good books in the hopper.  Wishing you fine folks a fantastic rest of your Sunday. See you tomorrow for Haiku Monday and #JusJoJan.

As always, more to come.

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