#JusJoJan ~ 1/8/19 – Self

Ritu prompted us with self.  Click HERE to find her latest post.  Hi Ritu!  Another awesome prompt.

S – earching

E – lusive

L – oving

F – eeling

In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says:

To thine own self be true

The original meaning was selfish … to put yourself first ABOVE all others and make money.  Then afterwards you can maybe lend a hand to another … or maybe not.

J-Dub’s meaning is borrowed “let your freak flag fly”  Think how fantastic that would be.  I might even pay to see that.  Lol! Mind outta the gutter folks.  Nothing to see here. 🙂

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As always, more to come.

I Got Ma’am’ed & the Tenacity of B

Sweet boy held the door at the ice house open for me as I exited. When I said “thanks” he said “you’re welcome ma’am”. Now I’m not gonna lie. I could’ve done without the M word. Lol! Actually I’m glad that he was polite. That’s in da hood too. More dispelling the myth.

The plumber who came to do an estimate to fix the shower ma’am’ed me too.  Like a bazillion times.  He took pictures on his iPad as I asked questions B wrote down for me.  Plumber politely answered them all tacking on ma’am to the end of each response.  Then he told me “I cannot talk prices since you went through Contractors Connection; only they can talk price with you.  I will email them the bid before I go home today”. And that was on Thursday.  Today is not Thursday.

Ugh! more red-tape.  And we have a mess!! But now the floor is dry and cutoff to the shower is secured.  Guess mess is no longer the case.  Just a pain.

Oh how he tried!  Really he did … the he is B.  With the shower.  To FIX it dammit.  Like he fixes everything else around here.  After the leak, he said resolvedly “do what you want”.  Ooooh don’t have to tell me twice – time to remodel … maybe??!?

As always more to come.