#JusJoJan ~ 1/11/19 – flew/flu/flue

M prompted us with “flew/flu/flue.” Woo hoo what a way to start this Friday!

Hello M! Thanks for the interesting prompt Click here to find her last SoCS post.

Flew as in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Jack Nicholson in his hey day.

Flu as in had it twice in my life that I can recall.  Worse than almost anything else I have gone through except for impacted wisdom teeth.  Even breaking my arm was better than getting the flu.  The fever was the worst.  Is my brain cooking?  Sure felt like it.

Since 1989, I have gotten the flu shot every year to keep the flu at bay.  I am a firm believer in the vax though I know skeptics … my dad included who refused the flu shot saying it always made him sick.  Of course when he was older, the doctor insisted and he went along with it. Lived to be 90 y’all.  Means you should if you haven’t already go on out there and get your shots.

Flue as in we don’t have one of those because our house doesn’t have a fireplace.  I always wanted a house with a fireplace.  Thought it was cool.  Or I thought it was hot stuff.  Why?  Well cause … ya know fire is hot.

Regional tradition dictates and there are fewer fireplaces here than let’s say north Texas or anywhere up and to the right.  I am told the fireplace is more trouble than it’s worth.  Unless you get a fancy gas one but then that sort of defeats the purpose huh?  Give me a camp fire any day.  A responsible camp fire not like those yahoos that cause all kinds of harm.  Anyways, all I know about a flue is you keep it open when the fire is going.  Let’s the smoke out.  Better out than in as Shrek always said.

And on that note, they got the hook and took me off stage.  Lol!  I know I am not funny as in good stand up funny.  Still I laugh and I laugh again at some of this stuff.  Maybe you did too?  Or at least maybe you smirked and cracked a 1/2 smile.  Half smiles are good too.  Now go one out there and be the light in someone’s life.

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As always, more to come.