Overheard on May 6, 2017 @ 6:30 at Capparelli’s

lol. I’d forgotten about this one.

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

I thought I’d use this category more but I jinxed myself until tonight.  As we (Billy, Pony, Wise, and I) sat and ate dinner, we overheard a conversation going at the table right behind us.

Woman (thick east Texas accent): Go ahead and tell them what you told me.

Man (equally thick east Texas accent): What?

Woman: You know about Sissy.

Man: Oh that. Well Sissy was my momma.  She cursed so much when I was a kid that I thought my first name was Fuck!

Doh!  You just cannot make this stuff up.  Of course Pony laughed and said wow there are two of us :).  He was kidding.  I was bad, but not that bad.  I saved the f-word for my writing.  Cursing was not allowed in my house growing up.  I never ever heard a swear word one from my parents other than an occasional abbreviation from…

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Sunday Steps

Haha! A retail gem.

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Last week I called it getting my steps in. Several folks reached out to me and asked if I had joined AA. Nope and I don’t really think you’re supposed to ask me that. You know the anonymous part is truly supposed to be anonymous. At least I think it is.

Anyhoo I’m at in again. Getting those steps in. Here is proof 😂.

Now for a little levity. As I was walking, I overheard the following on the 📢

Attention Wally World shoppers! Attention! For your safety please do not ride the bicycles or run or get on the skateboards while wearing an animal head.

Your safety is our utmost concern. Thank you for shopping at WallyWorld!

These are direct quotes except for the use of Wally World. Instead Wally World is my veiled attempt to use a synonym for the behemoth retailer we all know and love or…

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Modified Category Alert

Probably over a year ago, I added a category “Things I’ve Overheard”. There was a very short span of time where I was studying my surroundings. I kept overhearing funny quotable quips on a daily basis. Gems too good not to share.

As soon as I launched the new category however those funny stories seemed to disappear. Either that or maybe I just became less observant. At the time, my posts were usually based on some casual observation that I fictionalized. As I got more into my head and used my blog to release the hounds, I stopped looking for fodder in the streets.

Well now I’m going back to walking the beat. Instead of adding another category I’m going to modify the existing one. Things I’ve Overheard is going to include tales from the Tree as in Dollar.

I’m going to share the observations of a retail cashier. Lulu is not a writer. She doesn’t enjoy reading either. Music and drawing are more her game. I’ve tried to convince her to chronicle her shifts. She’s said to me if you think my stories are interesting, you write them down. Well you don’t have tell me twice.

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Nothing too memorable so far or I’d write a retrospective. Instead I’ll start now. Hopefully I’ve not jinxed myself.

I believe that most of these will be lighthearted however retail life is pretty gritty in certain instances. But in the spirit of keeping it real, I won’t spin for effect.

As always more to come.

My Non-Millennial Millennial

I’ve just now realized something.

How stereotypes are made to be broken.

And you’re thinking to yourselves really?  You just NOW learned that?  Welp you’re behind because everyone knows that already.

Or do they?

Let’s see.  If you are a millennial, you are presumed to be lazy, entitled, delusional, narcissistic and unreliable.  And like with any generalization, you might be capturing a few such youngsters.

To me, these adjectives are personality traits.  I know plenty of 40 and 50 somethings who ARE lazy, entitled, delusional, narcissistic and unreliable.  I know some 20 somethings who are exactly the opposite.

Why I am I going off on this tangent you might ask.  Well because as quoting Oliver in Truly Madly Guilty “he couldn’t bear to roam around in his house while his thoughts scuttled like trapped mice”  Yep, this blog is my walking path which figuratively takes me out of my house as my thoughts scuttle around.

Back to non-millennial millennial.

Yesterday I got off early.  I came home to find Lulu in her room painting.  She had re-arranged her room as well.  She told me she had been in her room all day.  She was re-doing some of her original art work.

She said she felt guilty for being lazy.  I told her it was okay to paint the day away every once in a while.  Why not? Plus moving furniture was work.  Plus life’s too short.  She should take opportunity to have fun.

I asked her why re-paint and not start something new.  She said because she is a better artist now and has learned some things that can improve her original works.  Each piece has meaning.  She simply wanted to give them a fresh lift. I glommed on to “better artist now”, a hint at improved self-esteem.

She washed off her brush.  Then she came out to the family room to sit with me before she went to work.  About 10 minutes into our conversation, she got a call.

Lulu: Yes this is she.

Lulu: Sure I can be there.

Lulu: Really it’s no problem.

Hanging up she said I guess I get an extra hour.  She grabbed her water bottle, her lunch bag and off she went.  It never even occurred to her to say no to the request to come in early.

After she was gone, I went to tidy up.  Our counter-tops can get cluttered with mail.  I noticed, there was nothing for me to straighten up.  I went to unload the dishwasher but it was already done.  The dogs had been fed.  It struck me that since she has been back for summer vacation, she has done these things regularly without any prompting.

I thought about how hard it is to staff her current job.  This is the 3rd time now that she has earned an extra hour.  So someone could go home early or because someone called out. I mean c’mon who would take her menial job seriously?  That’s sarcasm folks.  She does.  Seriously.

As always, more to come.


#1linerWeds. 7/4/18

Linda says she’s free and like that I hear Janis Joplin’s raw anguished voice belting out these words:

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose!

Nothin’ don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free

I remember Janis’ version though Roger Miller sang the song first.  And hats off to the songwriters Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.   An alliteration duo.  Cheers!!!

Keeping it short and sweet again.  I think I have writer’s block.  I am going to work on breaking that down.  Anyhoo, check out the link for the Rules and ping back

As always, more to come.