So, … The Medical Meat Market

In for six month follow-up. A good sign when the nurse says “we’ve got to bring him back now. Dr absolutely cannot run behind today”. And it was my doctor she was referring to. I’m next after this guy. On time would be a miracle. Here’s hoping.

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 7/25/18

The monkey still makes my day.  Such a sweet little face.

This week I thought I’d quote from one of my commonplace books.  I spend a lot of time adding to it but then the words just sit there.  I realized that is me being selfish … off the pages of some beautiful stories into my head and then out again through my fingers onto a different page only to be locked away.

I have been self reflecting so much lately.  Waiting for the shoe that never drops and the watch pot that never boils.  Out damn spot worry as I wait for news. Life changing news but not me, for a friend.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here is real doozy of a keeper.  For anyone facing adversity, may this lift your day:

“I love that gutsy cement hero woman and I also love the real potty-mouthed housemaid with a ruffled bonnet who is buried somewhere below that crooked, faceless grave. I love the musketball not hitting me, and I also love the musketball.   I love goddamnit motherfucker. And I really love Well, that could’ve been worse”  ~ The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs.

Here is my full review.  Just as poignant then as now.  Not my review.  The book 🙂

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As always, more to come.