Overheard on May 6, 2017 @ 6:30 at Capparelli’s

I thought I’d use this category more but I jinxed myself until tonight.  As we (Billy, Pony, Wise, and I) sat and ate dinner, we overheard a conversation going at the table right behind us.

Woman (thick east Texas accent): Go ahead and tell them what you told me.

Man (equally thick east Texas accent): What?

Woman: You know about Sissy.

Man: Oh that. Well Sissy was my momma.  She cursed so much when I was a kid that I thought my first name was Fuck!

Doh!  You just cannot make this stuff up.  Of course Pony laughed and said wow there are two of us :).  He was kidding.  I was bad, but not that bad.  I saved the f-word for my writing.  Cursing was not allowed in my house growing up.  I never ever heard a swear word one from my parents other than an occasional abbreviation from my dad.  He say “so-and-so is a PF or BF”.  Possibly he’d say “that is CS or BS”.  Lol!  no telling what he was abbreviating.

As always, more to come.


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