Random Musings

I have made up two new words.  Let’s see if they take off.

Stramily = strangers who are family

Famingers = family who are strangers

Once upon a time we went to a family reunion for B’s dad’s side of the family.  His Grandma was the 2nd oldest of 13 children who grew up, got married and had more children who grew up and got married and had more children and so on and so forth.  Greats, great greats … you get the drift.

To get this gang together was quite the ordeal.  But every once in a blue moon they did just that.  The year I am reminiscing about was @ 1999ish.  The venue was Comanche Park.

His Aunt J told her tribe that they did not need to talk to each other because they see each other all the time.  She told them to mix and mingle with the rest of the family who they do not see as often (if at all).  Of course when it came time to eat, each mini family stayed together.  For the most part.  Not much branching out.  Now if only I had a do-over.  I’d mingle like a Christian … or a pagan.  Lol.  I am punch drunk y’all.  Tis has been quite the day.

And I have turned the house upside down looking for the picture.  What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on a copy. To remember what once was … before it is no longer.

As always, more to come.