So, … Shall We Play A Game?

Okay now.   I can hear you.  You’re saying you’ve heard that before.  But today is a new day.

The prologue (because I always have a story to tell):  There is a word/phrase for when a group of people remember something false.  Like the Sally Field without an s Oscar speech.  I cannot recall the word exactly so I googled it.

First I typed in Sally Field Oscar speech.

No luck.

Next I tried, what is the term for a group misquoting?

Beep.  Play again.

Then the light bulb went off.

I searched for what is it called when a group collectively remembers something false?


The mandela effect.

Right here yesterday, in the V/R post, I mis-quoted the line from War Games.

I remembered Would you Like to Play a Game?

Now this can hardly be classified as the mandela effect unless others remember the line the same way that I did.

Also loosely fitting is a song lyric game that  B, Lulu and I played last night.  A twisted version of name that tune. With incorrect lyrics.  Damn we are interesting.  Lol!

It’s closing time again.

Is not!

Oooh It’s cold gin time again.

Ba-zinga!!  And thank you Knights in Satan’s Service – KISS.

Anyhow.  Enough about that.

Back to today’s game.  Shall we play one?  The Acronym/Slang Game perhaps?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill up my comments section with acronyms for today’s slang.

I’ll start.  I learned two new ones today.  Not yet though.  I will comment on my own post.   I might even like myself too.  Ooooh  and I am giving out a virtual prize … bragging rights for the most creative.

As always, more to come.