Modified Category Alert

Probably over a year ago, I added a category “Things I’ve Overheard”. There was a very short span of time where I was studying my surroundings. I kept overhearing funny quotable quips on a daily basis. Gems too good not to share.

As soon as I launched the new category however those funny stories seemed to disappear. Either that or maybe I just became less observant. At the time, my posts were usually based on some casual observation that I fictionalized. As I got more into my head and used my blog to release the hounds, I stopped looking for fodder in the streets.

Well now I’m going back to walking the beat. Instead of adding another category I’m going to modify the existing one. Things I’ve Overheard is going to include tales from the Tree as in Dollar.

I’m going to share the observations of a retail cashier. Lulu is not a writer. She doesn’t enjoy reading either. Music and drawing are more her game. I’ve tried to convince her to chronicle her shifts. She’s said to me if you think my stories are interesting, you write them down. Well you don’t have tell me twice.

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Nothing too memorable so far or I’d write a retrospective. Instead I’ll start now. Hopefully I’ve not jinxed myself.

I believe that most of these will be lighthearted however retail life is pretty gritty in certain instances. But in the spirit of keeping it real, I won’t spin for effect.

As always more to come.

5 thoughts on “Modified Category Alert

  1. I love things i’ve over heard! what a brilliant idea. could be very funny problem is i guess you’re always seeking that gem, that laugh out loud moment so you’d just spend all your time listening and become a nosey parker!! I for one will be listening with interest and look forward to hearing the adventures of a checkout operative!
    Keep on keeping on.

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    1. That’s exactly it! I became a nosy parker. There’s a few posts still there from my original attempt. Maybe I should reblog them? I’ll have to re-read them first though. 😂


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