RIP Uncle

I went to Karnes City to say good bye. Viewings/rosaries are bittersweet. Glad I knew this time. I’ve missed far too many services because I didn’t know. Miracle of social media came through.

The drive up there or down as the case may be was beautiful. Memories flooded back. Leaving San Antonio, driving through Floresville, then Poth, then Falls City, then Hobson to Karnes City. All eerily familiar and vastly different at the same time. The more things change, the more they stay the same allowing you to go “home”. And Karnes City was one of my MANY homes.

He hadn’t been sick. I was glad to hear that.  He was still going to the farm/ranch. Climbing up ladders. That’s one tough old man his grandson told me.  The grandson he raised as his own.  The grandson who is virtually alone in the world. The grandson for who among all the others my heart breaks.

That Friday Uncle had a massive stroke. He never regained consciousness. The girls believe otherwise.  Saying it makes it true.  They insist he knew they were there.  He passed the night before he was to move into hospice. On the 4th of July. The 2nd Uncle to pass way on that holiday some 40 plus years later.  Coincidence is weird.

When I was asked are you S? You sure do look so much like S. I’m overcome with emotion. Three or four different people asked me that.   One older gentleman even asked me are you sure you’re not S????  Maybe I will explain why I am  a puddle over here one day. Or maybe I won’t and instead I will float away on my emotions.

As always more to come.