#1linerWeds. 7/4/18

Linda says she’s free and like that I hear Janis Joplin’s raw anguished voice belting out these words:

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose!

Nothin’ don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free

I remember Janis’ version though Roger Miller sang the song first.  And hats off to the songwriters Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.   An alliteration duo.  Cheers!!!

Keeping it short and sweet again.  I think I have writer’s block.  I am going to work on breaking that down.  Anyhoo, check out the link for the Rules and ping back

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 7/4/18

  1. Foster’s friend, a songwriter named Boudleaux Bryant, teased Foster that he only went to visit Bryant at his office so he could see his secretary, Barbara “Bobby” McKee. Inspired by the wisecrack, Foster approached Kristofferson to write the song. Kristofferson changed McKee to McGee.

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