So, … Now I Can Talk About It

Lulu Belle and I had the most super Saturday.  We went to the McNay Art Museum.  Nirvana in our own backyard.  I hope all you San Antonians know how truly blessed we are to live in such a wonderful city.

I didn’t think they could surpass Chuck Ramirez’s All This and Heaven Too with Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas but Lord YES! they did.

Immersed, Fragments of a Dream and Dario Robleto Ancient Beacons Long for Notice *link is to the museum website.

I started out taking pictures but I stopped.  I stopped because I wanted to be in the moment.  I know my memory is not what it once was but I didn’t care.  I could take in the scene and feel the emotions and for that perfect moment I was not thinking about the past or what lies beyond but the now.  An exact moment.  With my Lulu Belle.  Surrounded by beauty.

And don’t you know it, I couldn’t help myself.  I started crying.  Right there in the McNay.  Sitting in theater seats watching the sunset in 1968 San Antonio.  In the shadow of what would be the Hemisphere Tower.  Happy tears y’all.  Big gasp for air, pit of my stomach, unfiltered joyful tears.

Even more moving was Dario.  Ancient Beacons Long For Notice was good but it didn’t speak to me in the same way as First Time, The Heart, A Portrait of Life 1854-1913.  When you think that it was way back in the mid 1800s when man first attempted to record and image the human heart, that has to inspire you.  The curiosity and thirst for knowledge of our ancestors.  And what Dario did to bring those images to life along with poet Adrian Matejka who wrote the words. Oh my how the simple captions brought the installation to life!

Okay, so I cried again.  I’m a sappy emotional sucker y’all.  I drank it all in.  My heart was full.

Here is a gallery.  Much smaller than my normal.  But as I mentioned, I stopped taking pictures.  Just means I will have to go back again.

As always, more to come.

SoCS – but I’m not supposed to spit

You guys! You NEED to read this today. Try not to get teary eyed like sappy ole me. Thank you Laura!!!

Riddle from the Middle

I’m not supposed to do that…

Famous last words from any five year old, usually uttered right before they do the very thing they’re not supposed to do.

I’m not supposed to spit.

I’m not supposed to eat snacks before dinner

I’m not supposed to run backwards down the block with my eyes closed while my babysitter’s inside on her phone.


Grownups have plenty of not supposed to items also. Some are whimsical.

I’m not supposed to eat two helpings of chocolate cake.

I’m not supposed to wear t-shirts to the grocery store.

Others – especially the older we get – are, well, annoying.

I’m not supposed to eat red meat.

I’m not supposed to gain any more weight.

Yeah, I want one, but I’m not supposed to drink beer these days.

Is anyone else sick to death of not supposed to? Sick.To.Death. Just for once why don’t we focus…

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#SoCS for 7/7/18 ~ Sup

Good morning bloglandia.  Time once again for #SoCS.  Our hostess, the fabulous Linda tells us: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sup.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

Good lort, this is gonna be a challenge. Sup! When I saw this yesterday, I missed the or find a word that contains it.  My only thought was the commercials Wassupping all over the place.  But this morning, in true #SoCS fashion, I decided clear my mind and see where the flow rolls.

Me: Wassup?  

Myself: Nothing much

I: Whadda wanna do today?

Me: I don’t know whadda you wanna do today?

Myself: Stop that! We’re not gonna start that Chipmunk stuff.

I: What Chipmunk stuff?

Me: Do you mean Alvin, Simon, Theodore?

Myself: Naw man, Chip and Dale

I: After you

Me: No after you

Myself: No really after you


And with that little J-Dub McGillicutty has lost it.  Officially.  I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far.  Well and even after so far.  Wishing you a SUPER Saturday all day today.

Now if you’d like to join this superior ensemble of prompt respondents or see their superb works of creative supremeness, click here for the Rules and Ping Back.

As always, more to come.