Go on.  Ask me.  What is PWAT?

Well that’d be Painting With A Twist

Today’s feature for 18 and over was Abstract Forest.

I think I liked my painting better before I put on the leaves.  Still had fun!  My second favorite F-word.  And we’ll definitely be back.

As always, more to come.

4 thoughts on “PWAT

  1. I čame over from one hand typing and congratulate you on the badge. I saw your puppies and I bet they love the mud bath:) this is a great painting and it is so fun to paint!

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    1. Hi Birgit! Thank you! So nice to meet you. They do love the mud bath, much better than a real dog wash :). I really do enjoy painting. They played music the whole time, very upbeat. Almost like karaoke painting 🙂


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