#SoCS for September 30, 2017 ~ Do/Dew/Due

Here are the rules and ping back

Even before I saw the prompt, I decided I would take my hand at poetry today.  Of course my poetry is on par with roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.  Yet how does one improve?  Practice makes perfect.  If you want to write, then write and all that good stuff.

Though if you ask B, he dislikes nothing more than someone who says you can be anything you want to be if you just set your mind to it.  He believes that is unrealistic.  No matter how much we want something and how hard we try, sometimes things aren’t meant to be.  It’d be like me saying I want to be a dancer.    I could practice for eons and that will not happen.  Though … Travis Wall … if you are reading this … (as if)! I have a challenge for you – choreograph a number and teach this 52-year-old a thang or two. 😉

her lashes sparkled

like dew

she finally broke

down the wall

holding her up

paid her dues

and still she cried

all the tears

she preferred to hide

do onto others

the golden rule



Our backyard 

The other day when I got home from work,  I noticed how much our property looks like a park. That’s thanks to B of course because he keeps up with everything. He really does a lot of hard work around Casa de W.  I appreciate his efforts.  I guess I need to tell him that. I don’t tell him that often enough … how much he means to me.  And not just because he’s a stellar landscaper.  Though he is.

His grandma used to say of all the grandsons B was the best at cutting her grass.  She didn’t mean that nicely either.  She had zero expectations for him.  Good thing he’s handy she’d say.  Good thing she’s dead or I’d kick her ass. Lol!  Oh how irreverent!   Sacrebleu.  The hell fires are burning my toes.

Now now J-Dub.  What’s got you in this foul mood?  We know it’s not your time of the month as that ship had sailed.  Pffft.  Suck it.  I’m irritated 😠 and dammit I’m allowed to be.

AnyWho when I got home today, I saw bunch a red flowers in the field. They sprouted overnight thanks to the rains.  I walked out there to take a closer look and snap some Caption this! shots. B was coming around the corner from the barn; he had just fed the dogs.  He saw me and walked over.

Me: Hey what are those?

B:  They’ve been here since we moved in.

Me: Yeah I know but what’s the name of those red flowers? I forget.

B: I think they’re  called naked ladies.

Me: Well that’s a pretty bunch of naked ladies. Look a butterfly.

And of course I try to get a picture.   B tells it won’t fly off because it’s eating.  I can get up close.  Of course it flys away.  I was snapping picture after picture, sun-bursting that bitch.  When I look through the camera roll, wouldn’t you know it, the first pic was the best.  I couldn’t wait for Caption this! so wah-la.  Enjoy!

And now I will meditate, to get my head back on straight.  Look I’m a poet who didn’t know it.  I know, quit while I am a head.


Remember in September – Daily Post #28 for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Fine … is a dangerous word as often times it means anything but fine. Smiling depression. It is real

My Loud Whispers of Hope

“Because of the stigma of mental illness, people with mental illness tell people they are “fine” when many times they are not doing well at all.

More than any other illness, you are not allowed to speak the truth of how you are feeling when you have bipolar disorder, depression, chronic suicidality or any other type of mental illness.”  ~Sue Walz

What do we know about suicide in the U.S.?

  • A suicide attempt is made about once every 31 seconds, and a suicide is completed once every 13 minutes. That breaks down to about 2,818 attempts and 113 deaths in a single day.
  • Each death by suicide affects 115 people. That’s 1 million new people affected every year.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause for young people and the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. overall.
  • The rate of suicide has been steadily increasing since 2000, and is…

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Remember in September – Daily Post #24 for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

I am behind on my re-blog. From 3 days ago

My Loud Whispers of Hope

Here is a very small list of too many beautiful people who died by suicide… and whose precious lives we lost. We miss them and will remember them with love and respect forever and always. RIP

14 Famous People Who Died By Suicide 

By Nicole Bitette, New York Daily News, Updated: Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 1:10 PM

A sign at "Kurt Cobain Landing," a tiny park blocks from the childhood home of Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, honors him as it overlooks the Wishkah River in Aberdeen, Wash.

A sign at “Kurt Cobain Landing,” a tiny park blocks from the childhood home of Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, honors him as it overlooks the Wishkah River in Aberdeen, Wash. (Elaine Thompson/AP)

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Sayonara Sink Saga

Sayonara Sink Saga. 

Say that 3 times fast. :).  Or she sells sea shells but the seashore.  But I digress.  This post is not about tongue twisters anyway for I will save those gems for another day.  Memba when I posted about getting a new kitchen sink?  Me either and I cannot find a former post that is sink related even though I was certain I bored you with this already.

After the 2006 unfortunate event finale edition, we replaced our major appliances.  At the time we built the house stainless was just coming into the picture and it cost a whole lot more.  We didn’t spring for the extra then but as we replaced items, we changed the color scheme.  We still didn’t go stainless for two reasons:  1- still costs more and 2- I am a trend setter not a follower.  Lol.  Which is why I also have laminate and not granite countertops.  One might argue I am a cheap bastard and that’s why … and well … you might be right.  But again I detour.  Get on with the story would you?  Talking to yourself J-Dub, good thing you don’t answer. Ah but I do.

Ok, land the plane.  The last thing to upgrade is our sink.  We ordered a Cape Dory by Kohler online from Home Depot and it was too small.  Turns out the specs were inaccurate.  We ordered a Riverby by Kohler and it arrived damaged.  Sacrebleu!  We ordered a Riverby by Kohler and it arrived damaged.  That’s not a typo or a written stutter.  Three is supposed to be the charm but uh noooooo.  Take four – a Riverby by Kohler arrived today and we have success!!!! How many times can one say Riverby by Kohler before it gets annoying??!? 🙂  Four the answer is four.  Lol.

Sayonara sink saga.  Despite the inconvenience, I have to give props to Home Depot.  They took off an extra 10% for our troubles and waived the delivery charge.  Plus 18 months interest free financing.  Saweet!

Yummy !!!!

I’m watching triple D. The San Antonio episode. La Panaderia.  Aired 9/22/17.  

B: what are you doing taking picture of the TV?

Me: showcasing our home town and this wonderful story of the brother’s bakery. 

B: why don’t you walk down there tomorrow, make a movie 🎥 and don’t forget to bring a concha back for me. 🤣

Me: You mean tequila almond croissant 🥐 baby!

#1 seller.  I will vouch for the taste.  Super yummy!!!