J-Dubs Review of According to a Source by Abby Stern

I semi-reviewed the book here.  Now I will finish.

The premise is good. ¬†And I really tried to like it. ¬†But unfortunately the story fell flat for me. ¬†Actually, the premise might be a bit overused. ¬†I’d cast Anne Hathaway as Ella-Bella in this kind of wanna be Devil Wears Prada. ¬†Toss in a mom with cancer, bad breakup find love again and polar opposite sister dynamic and you got more sameness.

I do give props for the masking of celebrity names. Story is a spoof after all. Clever but who couldn’t guess that Not so Innocent Oversexualized Pop Star is supposed to be like Britney Spears or that Former Boy Bander¬†Turned Solo Artist Turned Actor is supposed to be like Justin Timberlake. ¬†Recently Divorced British B List Comedian sounds like Russell Brand. ¬†Oh and Aging Iconic NY Italian actor could be Robert De Niro. ¬†I still want to figure out who Foreign Born Supernatural Superstar is … in one scene he complains about hating his show … being 26 and playing a teenager. ¬†Hmmm. ¬†Luke Perry? ¬†Jason Priestly? ¬†Could be??

In this story, faux Britney has cancer too (explains why she shaved her head) and takes chemo along side Ella-Bella’s mother. I don’t now … I guess it’s just a gimmick … let’s throw everything and the kitchen sink in and see what sticks.

Whenever I read I have a notebook where I write lines that speak to me. ¬†I also keep a dictionary by my side. ¬†Habits. ¬†I’ve got my rituals. ¬†For this book, I have only one line – Ella talking about Ethan her boyfriend of four years.

“He was the 1st guy I felt liked me for the real me – not the best version of yourself that you pretend to be the 1st few times you’re getting to know someone”

We should all be so lucky to have that. But then she didn’t. ¬†Oh but wait a minute. ¬†She does again.

I originally said 3.78 out of 5 stars. ¬†That was overly generous and based on hype. ¬†New recommendation: Read it or not … lol

Gearing Up For My Life Of Solitude 

Just kidding.  I’ve got Big B to keep me company but we’ve never been one of those joined at the hip couples. Instead he goes his way and I go mine but always we’re each other’s safe place to land.  Like homing pigeons, we’ll find our way back.   

I’m sure we’ll ease back into our empty nest.  In fact, this time I’m happy. I remember what it’s like (3.5 months is really not that long ago). I’m going to embrace our time.  We’ve put the kids first for so long.  About time for a little selfishness.  

Once a month I get my book reviews from People magazine as I get my roots done. Then I add the books I like to my holds at the library.  I’ve not used my eReader in what seems like forever and I’m thinking I might just give it up.  

There’s just something about holding a book and turning the pages.  I can’t even describe what it does for me.  Like an elixir, a medication, a natural high,  a balm.   Free therapy.  Tactile.  Synapses firing.  Escapism at its finest. 

Well today I returned three books in exchange for two more.  Here is one: 

This is the next book club feature.  Who knew the Schafer public library had book club?   No idea how I missed it.  August 30, you’ll know where to find me.  I hope the regulars aren’t all snooty ūüėā

As always more to come.  

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

This morn I woke up first.  Shocker!  I went to the office to start my #SoCs flow

Before I got there, I heard talking and I was all like what the what?¬† I did say what but not twice ;). ¬†I continue, Who’s there? ¬†Lulu is that you? ¬†Her room was dark and she didn’t answer but the voices continued.

No, I was not hallucinating.  My desktop was talking to me.  Apparently still awake from last night when the last thing I did before turning in was to scroll through 64 pictures from an article on Studio 54.  The ads behind the scenes went nuts.  Yep, even though I thought I turned everything off, the little buggers were still kicking it.

I must of had to close a dozen windows before I had silence.


Then I noticed my FB share button indicated a problem. ¬†I followed the prompts to re-connect to FB and from all appearences looked like the reconnection worked. ¬†But uh no. ¬†It didn’t.

So, what’s a girl to do? Reblog herself? ¬†Sure, why not? ¬†This gem was good if only for the song choice at the end. ¬†And, if you don’t already know what reblog is, get yo mind outta the gutter. ¬†Lol!

I tried to reblog myself but the button was gone.  Again, get yo mind outta the gutter.  Haha!  I did have a press this! button though.  So I pressed it! First time for everything! And added trying to get this to the Netherlands to the for good measure.

Wah la. ¬†All that and I betcha my FB friends don’t even read my #SoCS. ¬†Oh well, I had to give it a try! ¬†I’ve got a theme going don’t cha know.

Happy Saturday y’all. ¬†Wishing you the best today and always.


#SoCS for August 5, 2017 ~ Oxymoron

WOW! I can’t believe it is already August.  Where did the time go? Rhetorical.

Time keeps on tick, tick, ticking and he waits for no one.  Time is a fickle beast just like Hope is a fickle bitch.  You said rhetorical J-Dub and then you go and attempt to answer. Well, today I won’t stop you because today is #SoCS. Let loose, let’s roll.

As always, Linda G. Hill, author extraordinaire,  brings the goodness with her prompt.  For August 5, 2015, we have high/low.

Here are the rules and pingback.  

I highly encourage you to join the FUN!  Yes, writing can be FUN, when you are NOT being graded.  FUN is the second best ‘F’ word. You might find yourself low if you don’t at least try.

What is an Oxymoron? A figure of speech with contradictory terms such as jumbo shrimp.  haha! that one gets me every time.  Get it? a shrimp is small … Doh!

What about plastic glass?  The drinking vessel is GLASS silly, not plastic.  Too bad for Tupperware but I prefer glass, glasses.  And I am easily amused. And I am hilarious.

I know … I’m not … hilarious … and I won’t quit my day job!!!

Back to prompt.  Back to me trying to be a poet.  Do you think I can make a poem out of oxymoron?  Well I could, but it won’t be good.  Anyway, I will try.  See my admonishment about not trying above.  Here goes nothing or everything:







More like a list of opposites than oxymoron.  To be oxymoronic, the words do not have to be opposite, they just need to contradict.  And would you look at me trying to get those bonus points.  Starting and finishing my list with high/low.  I am nothing if I am not the MOST competitive person on the planet … against myself.

When I started my musing for this stream, I go through my usual motions.  Think, think, think saying high, high, high and then low, low, low.  Then POP,  synapses firing as I remember there is a song LOW and it fits because I heart music.  Sending you off with FloRida ft. T-Pain – LOW & Fun fitness with Jessica.

And you know I am dancing my a$$ off.

Dinner Conversation With The Brain Trust

And who is the brain trust you ask?

Mi familia.

Pony “I hate when someone says you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it”

Wise “truth”

B “no kidding”

Lulu “I wanna rule the world, poof I am Queen”

Me “Wait a minute. ¬†That’s not what people mean. ¬†It’s more practice makes perfect. ¬†Or if you really want something bad enough, you have to keep going until you get it”

Kids in Unison “Mom practice all you want and you still won’t be the next American Idol”

Me ” Of course not BUT only because that show was cancelled!”


As alway, more to come.