Book Club … This Time It’s For Real

… you know, instead of the fake book club category I have here on my blog.  I have always wanted to join a book club but I assumed incorrectly I had to know a group of like mind folks.  I mean really.  Why would I want to talk to strangers? I even attempted once or twice with my dear friend of mine but the timing was such that we could not find a time to get together.  That attempt brought me to Jenny Lawson though so win-win all around.

This evening was magic as each end of the month Wednesday, Schaefer public library has skimmers book club.  The August selection was Little Black Lies reviewed here.  I met some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The hour passed in the blink of an eye yet we covered all the topics in the book.  And then some!  Girls gotta talk ’bout stuff ya know ;).  I will go back!  That’s for sure.

As always, more to come.