Ehhh What’d You Say?

Ehhh – I love sound effects. Go on click it :); you know you want to.

After many years wearing a headset for work and listening to blaring music, I cannot hear as well as I once did.  I am better about it not bothering me when I have to ask someone to repeat themselves. Better to ask  What’d you say? than to pretend I heard something that I didn’t.  One can get in muchos trouble that way.

This afternoon Lulu and I had our hair done.  Me the usual covering the roots and Lulu an asymmetrical pixie cut and dark chestnut brown.  Lots of hair hit the floor.  Sometimes she is fearless with her look.  I need to remember that can translate into other fearlessness and why not in a good way??  I am only allowing positive thoughts!!!

She looks adorable.  To keep the look, she needs wax spray.  It’s a thing y’all.  And we bought some.  As I checked out what I heard was that’ll be $165.

Ehhh, what?  

Followed by $21.65 <insert look of J-Dub’s confusion>

Cuz what I heard again was $165

Ehhh what?  

Followed by $21.65 <insert, look of J-Dub’s understanding>

Oh thank goodness!!  Lulu was gonna have to melt some crayons for that wax.  Lol!

Of course, that is not all.  Why no.  I am on a roll.  As we drive along, the song Attention by Charlie Puth comes on.  I hear this song at least once a day five days a week.  I have no idea what the words are but I think they are weird.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me: What the hell is turtle on my knee?

Lulu: What do you mean?

Me: The song, (I sing) you’ve been running round, running round, running round throwing that turtle on my knee

Lulu: Turd all on my name (she did not say this, though it is what I heard)

Me: What is a turd all on my name mean?

Lulu:  Turd?  I said DIRT all on my name.  You know talking trash about someone. Trashing talking is an expression from your era right?

Me: Yea it is.  Well I guess he is not saying you just want to touch me

Lulu: The title mom, he is saying You just want attention.  I think you do too!

Me:  Lol!  Tis true I sure to DO!!!!

Take a listen peeps and tell me what you hear!   Attention by Charlie Puth   I picked a video that has the lyrics for ya.  You can thank me later 😉

As always more to come.

J-Dub’s Crush

Way back in 2004, I earned my CPCU designation.  CPCU = Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter.  No big deal.  Hoity Toity. Fru-fru. Choo-choo mama cha-cha. 🙂

My employer gifted me with an all expense paid trip to my conferment in Los Angeles CA.  Woo Hoo! Off I go to celebrate.  B stays home with the kids.

On that trip I caught a crush.  

Do you catch crushes?  No time for this sH!t.  Move along mind. Continue the story you started.

Ben Stein (of Win Ben Stein’s Money fame) was the conferment speaker.  Ben is so much more than his cancelled TV show.  His intelligence was captivating. Hubba, hubba and while he was very good and delivered the goods in his speech, he is NOT my crush.

Strange coincidence, I flew out with Weird Al Yankovich – his wife hails from here and I guess they were going to Hollyweird for some reason or another.  I did not ask him, I only stared at him … until it became obvious … thinking … he sure looks different in “real” life.  You know as opposed to the “fake” life we live.  New material Jilly, stale girl, you’re getting stale.  Continue your thought.  Weird Al looks different except for the hair.  Same curls.  I half expected him to belt out Just Eat It! but alas no.  In case you’re wondering, he too is NOT my crush.

During the 4 days we had the best time.  Sightseeing down Rodeo Drive, on to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  Brandon, Kelly, Dylan where are you? lol.  Next to the Viper Room on the hunt for Johnny Depp.  Just about that time, he sold his interest in the club.  The place was full of no-names.  Boo.  No names that could likely buy and sell me but still boo.

There were various working sessions too.  Could not be all play.  For the business piece, we could choose our topics and one of the ones I chose was about strategy and succeeding in business.  The faciliator was one Scott Hunter.  He started his talk with tunes and a hot pink feather boa!  I was hooked I tell ya.  Anything he was laying down, I was picking up and buying.  Hook, line, sinker.

I signed up for his email – Coach for Success, now called Coach’s Corner.  Which means that every two weeks on Wednesdays for the last 13 years, I get a motivational email from my crush.  Makes me realize I have had mad coping skills for a long time, much longer than I thought.  J-Dub, she’s such a bright Pollyana in Debby Downer’s clothing.  I read these emails (and any articles I can get my hands on) until I am saturated.  Then I feel better.  Rinse and repeat.

Today’s email is about thinking of life as winning and learning experiences instead of winning and losing.  Don’t be the victim is a commom theme.   The power of the positive mind.

As always, more to come.