My tude needed adjusting

Tude= attitude

I went to the Bill Milker’s drive through for supper as B is working in Utopia and I’m clueless in the kitchen.  I jest. He’s got all my recipes.  He’s just better at cooking than me.  Than I am. No time for  grammar police 👮 .

Anyhoo.  The bad tude started when I lost my dang data.  A day’s hard work.  I was online from 6:30ish until 5:30ish because I worked from home.  I had everything properly documented.  I’m sure I hit save.  Well as sure as I can be when I’m wrong.

B says that’s when I’m the most positive I’m right … when I’m the most wrong.

Anyhoo.  T man came over real quick to change our A/C filter.  B was prepping for the work he’s doing tomorrow to determine exactly where is our shower leaking.  That left me to grab the grub 😂

I look a frightful mess.  You’ve no idea but I was working … my ass off … at home!   Shower is leaking … did I tell ya?  Drive through was my best option.

I get there and no line! Thanks be!  I’m ordering for the picky people aka everyone but me.  Girl is adding items, deleting to correct.  No, I say again. Finally she asks “does everything look right on your screen?” 

Jackpot lottery!  But before she gives me a total and says drive up she says “we’re out of straws are you OK with that?” 

What?!?! Uh no!  I’m not!   Call another Bill Millers!  Or go across the street to Laguna Bills and get three straws for me!   Post haste!

I mean come on.  Why ask me that?  Say nothing or say we’re out of straws.  Don’t ask me if I’m ok with that.  I’m obviously not okay😂

I’m a B!!!!

I told her I was kidding.  Cuz I wuz.

When I got to the window I felt bad. She’s probably about Lulu’s age.  I flustered her and she tried to give me free brownies.

I almost said “We don’t need no stinking brownies.  What we’ve got here is failure to … deliver the straws”. 

Bonus score to anyone who reads this and can figure out which movies I’m referring to above.  Very loosely but still.

Anyhoo, at least she’s got a funny story to tell her family just like me!   B laughed.  Lulu is all MOM YOU DIDN’T!   I did.  Poor Bill Millers cashier caught me being persnickety.

Smoochy smoochy dear ones 💕. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

As always more to come.

He’s Baaaack 

Posted to Facebook three years ago today.  About a month before everything changed.  Only in hindsight did we realize though.  Sometimes there are momentous life changing events even in the mundane.  

The mister returned to work today where he was treated like royalty. Franco took him to a special lunch of goat cheese enchiladas at Rosarios. This evening Pony and Wise treated him to Hsiu Yu special fried rice. His fortune cookie read “if you have a job without aggravations, you don’t have a job” He says he never wants to be without aggravations again! 

In fact,  he welcomes the aggravations. And tomorrow he is braving the scaffold again – different job site, same risk. I feel nauseous but what are you gonna do?!?!? I hear the Who singing ” Then I’ll get on my knees and pray. We don’t get fooled again.” Not exactly the same sentiment but the lyrics kind of work here.

Friday Motivation

Close to the end.  Home from hospital.  First good day weather wise.  She says forget the homework for now as the boys go outside to play.

… but I come sit on the steps of the back deck … feel the bright sun on my skin: There is life – this bright hour. Let us make good use of the time, whispers Montaigne.

She describes her boys and you can picture them as she is watching.  She hears her husband arrive home. She notes the tone in his voice.  He will join her on the deck shortly.  It will be getting dark soon as the light changes on a warm winter evening.

… but I am not ready to call them back in.  There is nothing in this whole world that could make me call them back in.

From The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs