Girls Gotta Talk ‘Bout Stuff

Big Sis: We go to Fairlawn Academy.  I’m first grade and she’s 4K  

Me: Oh then today is your second day of school

Both in Unison: Yes ma’am

Me: What’s your favorite part of school?

Lil Sis: The monkey bars.  Is that your car?  

Me: Yes  

Lil Sis: What’s wrong with it?

Me: There’s a screw in the tire  

Lil Sis: No kidding?   Our momma said her car tire has a screw too! 

Big Sis: That’s our daddy’s car not momma’s.  It’s that red one over there.  It’s old. 

Lil Sis: Is your car old? 

Me: Kind of, it’s 4 years old.  

Lil Sis: No kidding? I am 4!!!! I’m not old (giggling)

Big Sis: Quit saying no kidding.  Sheesh!

Lil Sis: I’m telling … you said the S word!!!

Big Sis: Not the real S word, I changed it.

Lil Sis: Guess what? I can climb the monkey bars better than anyone.  I’m strong and I can do a backbend too.  Watch me!

Me: Ooooh, be careful.  Oh Wow!  You sure can.  That’s fantastic!  I am glad that you like to play and exercise 

Both in Unison: We do!

Big Sis: Exercise helps your heart and gives you muscles too

Mom: I am so sorry they talked your ear off.  I was trying to get through the line as quick as possible.

Me: Are you kidding? (as I wink at Lil Sis) They absolutely MADE MY DAY ❤

I went right into the workforce after high school.  I took an entry level job to give me time to think about what I really wanted to do.  I was convinced the insurance gig would be short lived.  Turns out 33.5 years later I am still at it.  For a while, as I went to college part-time, I entertained the idea of teaching.  Kindergarten of course. The perfect grade. Before standardized testing.  While they are still sweet and innocent.  With too much time on my hands, as I waited for my tire to be repaired, I thought you know what?  I should consider teaching all over again.

Just a flicker.  A glimpse.  A hope of what might be.  Some days something is missing y’all. Not sure what has me feeling so blue.  My choice of reading materials for one.  I am returning two books unfinished because they are that bad!  Note to Self: read only light-hearted fiction.  Or maybe it is that bastard Harvey and all the devastation.  Watching the Today show with tears in my eyes.  I have an innate need to give back.  To do something.  Something with purpose.

As always, more to come.

My Heroes 

Ghost in the mirror.  Picture is weird but I’m using anyway. 

Screw in the tire.  First in, first out. 

While I wait, I’m Enjoying talking to my two new friends.  Sweet little girls waiting with their mom.