Princess 👸🏻 Don’t Cook

Except tonight she did. 

When we started out, B didn’t cook. When Lulu came along, all that changed.  I worked nights and he worked days.  He starting cooking dinner for the kids and took my recipes to a new level.  In fact, he’s a much better cook than me. 

Tonight though my boo is injured 🤕so I made dinner.  Crispy chicken tacos.  Sunday evening meal planning and prepping helped.  Chicken already ground and seasoned.  Microwave rice. Beans from a can.  The hardest part was making guacamole and shredding cheese. 

Actually dinner practically prepared itself.  And I had fun!   I knew he’d been holding out on me. Not that I’m going to want to do the cooking long term or anything 😂

As always more to come. 

Diagnosis Corneal Abrasion 

B it hurts

Me uh ya and looks awful too

B thanks

Me what’d they do?

they gave me an IV in my eye

Me omg 😲 

B not with a needle, sort of like a soft contact lens where they could run the wash solution through my eye. Uncomfortable as hell. 

B continued I wish they’d given me more numbing drops.  Those took all my pain away. 

Official diagnosis corneal abrasion. Antibiotic drops 3 times a day for a week and two days off work. I tried to snap a pic but he shooed me away 😂


Billy Bob is in the hospital in Hondo Texas.  Thinks he just needs to have his eye flushed.  Uvalde emergent care was too full 😳.  How far apart are Hondo and Uvalde anyway?!?!

Oh well, his superintendent just dropped him off.  Kenbo will hopefully swing by and pick him up on the way home.  

I offered to go get him but he says he’ll let me know.  Doh!   Such is life. 

As always more to come. 

Quotes of the Day ~ 8/16/17 ~

Taken from Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

I shush my mind, because your mind can ruin you if you let it.

What the mind don’t remember, the heart still knows.  Love, the strongest thang of all.  Stronger than all the rest.

They decided they gon’ carry it to they graves.  I guess.  But secrets ain’t a healthy thang … no matter how old they is.  Sometimes the oldest secrets is worst of all.

Go on, take yo grandmother to see Miss May.  The heart still know.