#SoCS for August 5, 2017 ~ Oxymoron

WOW! I can’t believe it is already August.  Where did the time go? Rhetorical.

Time keeps on tick, tick, ticking and he waits for no one.  Time is a fickle beast just like Hope is a fickle bitch.  You said rhetorical J-Dub and then you go and attempt to answer. Well, today I won’t stop you because today is #SoCS. Let loose, let’s roll.

As always, Linda G. Hill, author extraordinaire,  brings the goodness with her prompt.  For August 5, 2015, we have high/low.

Here are the rules and pingback.  

I highly encourage you to join the FUN!  Yes, writing can be FUN, when you are NOT being graded.  FUN is the second best ‘F’ word. You might find yourself low if you don’t at least try.

What is an Oxymoron? A figure of speech with contradictory terms such as jumbo shrimp.  haha! that one gets me every time.  Get it? a shrimp is small … Doh!

What about plastic glass?  The drinking vessel is GLASS silly, not plastic.  Too bad for Tupperware but I prefer glass, glasses.  And I am easily amused. And I am hilarious.

I know … I’m not … hilarious … and I won’t quit my day job!!!

Back to prompt.  Back to me trying to be a poet.  Do you think I can make a poem out of oxymoron?  Well I could, but it won’t be good.  Anyway, I will try.  See my admonishment about not trying above.  Here goes nothing or everything:







More like a list of opposites than oxymoron.  To be oxymoronic, the words do not have to be opposite, they just need to contradict.  And would you look at me trying to get those bonus points.  Starting and finishing my list with high/low.  I am nothing if I am not the MOST competitive person on the planet … against myself.

When I started my musing for this stream, I go through my usual motions.  Think, think, think saying high, high, high and then low, low, low.  Then POP,  synapses firing as I remember there is a song LOW and it fits because I heart music.  Sending you off with FloRida ft. T-Pain – LOW & Fun fitness with Jessica.

And you know I am dancing my a$$ off.

9 thoughts on “#SoCS for August 5, 2017 ~ Oxymoron

  1. Nice post. Just so you know, I will be having beer from a plastic drinking vessel this afternoon. Because I don’t think they’ll be giving out glass at a music festival with a bunch of drunk people (that would not be me, but you know what I’m saying).

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