#20 I’ve Got The Best Co-Workers Ever 

I have been remiss in updating my Infinity list.  But today is the day! Carpe diem!  Strike while the iron is hot! Make hay while the sun shines!

Who am I? Farmer in the Dell?  LOL.  Nope, I’m just giddy.  Must be from the (not one) BUT TWO donuts that I added to my daily calorie count.  Thank you kind sir.

I’ve Got The Best Co-Workers Ever

Yep! I sure do!!  I’ll fight you on this if you disagree.  Put up your dukes 💥. Reminds me of P!nk’s  Who Knew.  Stop.  Click the link.  It’ll be worth your while. 🎶

Ready to proceed?  Tis true. My coworkers are awesome and the rest of you can just be jealous.  I’ve thought about giving pseudonyms and writing stories of their fabulosity but I won’t.  I do want to shout out today though to the best compadres a girl could hope for. You know who you are 💕.  Thank you for being you!


And I’m feeling very MTM or at least I’m channeling my inner Laura Petrie.  Oh Rob!

Also, I thought I’d post a sign I pass every morning on my commute to work and every afternoon on my way home.

Indeed both of these things are TRUE!  Signs have not changed in the almost two years I have been taking this route.  A sign of something good that’s for sure.  Anyhoo, I just HAD to share.

As always, more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “#20 I’ve Got The Best Co-Workers Ever 

      1. Emma Peel, The Avengers. She was the grandmammy of all our modern female action heroines. Personally, I don’t think it is possible for a human to be more desirable than she. Dame Diana came up thru the Royal Shakespeare Company with Dames Helen Mirren and Judy Dench. Back in 1968 all 3 were in a TV production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Game of Thrones is merely her latest iteration.

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  1. mmmmm donuts 🙂 Great coworkers are a blessing, that is so true. My goodness I have worked with people that are an ease and others who have been, ummmm, not an ease to work with lol 🙂 The great ones are cherished. Good for you for giving them the praise they deserve 🙂

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