I Continue to be Awed and Amazed

The Perks of Amazon PrimeThe Perks of Amazon Prime

WP (or user J-Dub) is doing it again.  Stuttering.  I really attempted to have just one name on the link above.  No patience to fix, hope said link opens at least.

I want bloglandia to know that I am no longer in a cost deficit as my Amazon Prime membership has paid for itself over and over again.  I LOVE to save moolah.  And today 7/11/17 (there’s that palindrome again) Amazon Prime Day to be specific, not be confused with free slurpee day, I am enjoying Christmas in July!!!

I used my points.  Which is another perk the kids talked me into.  When all said and done, my order was half price and NO shipping costs!  Ever! Score.

However, Amazon is not what amazed me today.  You see, today, I am in awe of the wisdom imparted on me by two really fantastic writers.  I am so excited by what I read that I had to testify.  Here in no particular order are the MUST READ posts of the day:

Simply Etta D is in a word inspiring.

Check this out  Three Things I Learned From Teaching Happiness and I bet you’ll agree she’s a motivator.  I already marked 9/5/17 on my calendar.  I’m going in for happiness training (deets on the link within the link she shared).  Ha! You got that right.  Shame that many of us (myself at top of the list) get happiness wrong.  I plan on shifting paradigms and smashing preconceived notions.  Are you with me?

Fred, over at This is My Place, let’s it all hang out in the best way possible!  

Check this out and I bet you’ll agree.   Weeds  is a beautiful post.  Yes weeds can be beautiful!  I aspire to be more weed-like myself.  Two special men in my life Billy Bob (now) and my daddy (forever in my heart) are weeds.  You’ll have to read the post won’t you? To confirm what I am saying, weeds are beautiful.  They adapt, they persevere.

I purposefully set Audrey as my featured image.  She is not a weed.  She is an example of perseverance.  She is a work in progress, willing to learn happiness.

Just. Like. You. And. Me.

As always more to come.



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