#SoCS July 1st 2017

Thank you Dan for Stepping In – Here’s the Prompt & the Rules

Ooooh, Aaaah


Ooooh, Aaaah

The happiest place on Earth

Ooooh, Aaaah

Oh wait! That’s the Magic Kingdom

Ooooh, Aaaah

Doesn’t have to be – the happiest place is where you make it

Home is where the heart is and all that good stuff

Three years ago we went on one of the best ever vacations EVER!  The following pictures are from an Ooooh, Aaaah moment if I ever saw one.  Is it saw or have seen?  Saw and Seen are semantically different but logically equivalent. Ugh!  Grammar police begone!  Get the hell outta here!

And to think this lovely show is a nightly occurrence at Epcot.  I wish I had a video but pics will have to suffice.  I really hope that you ENJOY!!

The world moves forward on the lake

and begins to spin and spin and open wide before

it explodes

Ooooh, Aaaah!!!!