Misdiagnosed, Cool DNA, and Funny Math

Pony was diagnosed with a digestive disorder. Since his G’ma has same, he assumed this is be accurate. He was placed on several different meds and none had the full intended effect.

Recently he was talked into a DNA test for more accurate prescription.

Pony: “Cool but expensive so no I don’t want the test.”Β 
Clerk: “Don’t worry, insurance will cover the cost.” Β 

He waits for 20 minutes as clerk goes into an office supposedly calling United Healthcare for authorization.

Clerk: “Everything is approved”

Fast forward about a month. Pony gets an explanation of benefits for the low, low price of $3200. Insurance denied the whole thing.

He is disputing but in the meantime his PA told him that he didn’t really have the disorder to begin with and he probably shouldn’t have taken any of the meds they previously prescribed him.

WTF. We got to read his report. Red, yellow, green for meds. Β He doesn’t need to know now but results will be there if needed later. Fairly interesting actually for $3200 toilet paper πŸ˜‚

Me: “I’m getting that test.”

Billy Bob: “Why?”

Me: “to piss away our money”

Billy Bob gives me that look πŸ‘€Β 

Me: “Okay to find a cure what ails me.”

Billy Bob: “there is no cure”

Me: “funny haha”

As always, more to come.