Carry On My Wayward Son

For my 8th grade graduation (yes Catholic schools have 8th grade graduations),  my brother Jimbo-Pete gave me the album Leftoverture by Kansas.  Carry on My Wayward Son is a song that will forever remind me of him.

I missed the anniversary of his passing.  July 1999.  Shame on me.  There was no obituary to help me recall the exact day Р19th or 23rd?  Certain things will trigger a memory.  Getting the call.  The disbelief.  Gone too soon.

In his honor, I re-post J-Dub‚Äôs: A Series of Unfortunate Events #5 ‚Äď Jimbo Pete¬†, ¬†Remembering The Dash ‚Äď My Brother Jimbo Pete¬†¬†and, Big Brother¬†

May the Perptual Light shine upon him.  Rest in Peace Brother.

As always, more to come.

Good Girls Don’t

I miss my brother Jimbo-Pete. ¬†He died in 1999, death by alcoholism. ¬†He was a tortured soul. ¬†We grew up together but we both had very different perceptions of the world around us. ¬†Years later as adults we’d be talking and he’d ask ” Hey, do you remember that trip to the coast?” to which I’d reply “YES! that was the best trip ever!” Then he’d go on to say how awful the trip was and proceed to list all the reasons why the trip blew chunks. ¬†At the end of the conversation, ¬†I would wonder if we even went to the place.

The thing is we were really not all that different. ¬†I have an awful way of looking at the world. ¬†My tortured mind always goes to the worst case scenario. ¬†I am just hard-wired that way. ¬†No idea why. ¬†Sort of wish I knew. ¬†Maybe better off that I don’t. But and it’s a BIG butt (that is worn out y’all but I got to be me) you’d never guess if I wasn’t a blabber mouth who told you all these things.

Good Girls Don’t

  1. cause trouble
  2. make waves
  3. complain
  4. cry

Good Girls Do

  1. play nice
  2. roll with the flow
  3. keep upsets bottled up inside
  4. slap on the smile, laugh and joke and go to extreme to hide the worry

I am scared. ¬†Lulu is too. ¬†Tomorrow is a day with further “better to be safe than sorry” ¬†testing. ¬†And she will find out quickly. ¬†Thursday, she goes back for results and to discuss next steps which might very well be she’s good to go!!! ¬†This good girl sure hopes so.

As always, more to come.




Two Years in the Promised Land

The following was posted on Facebook two years ago today 7/24/15.

I made it to IH 10 and 410 before the waterworks started. But change is good right? just say right ūüė≥. At least I held it together the whole day by just being giddy. Monday starts a new chapter. Let the fun begin.¬†

Thank you Jane for the church giggles. I see super balls bouncing down pews and up dresses and I am laughing all over again. Daffy duck says hello to you too.

Even though I was offered the “promised land” job the Friday before Memorial day, they wouldn’t let me loose for about two months because I had to deliver all my midterm performance reviews. It’s no wonder why I left management. Not my cup of tea.

I do miss the people though. Isn’t that always the case? The people can either make or break the position. I am like a cat with nine lives and I have landed in a sweet spot where the people are equally as wonderful here where I am now.
As always more to come.