Very Supertitious

Stevie Wonder in one word – PHENOMENAL!  Superstition is a classic.

 Very superstitious, writing on the wall
Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall

Can you dig it?  Yes you can!

The song is just like me a 51.916666 year-old classic broad with so many quirks my nickname (and you know I LOVE nicknames see prior post: They Call Me Jilly Willy) should be Quirk-a-doodle-do.  Ha-ha!

Okay, this is not funny I forgot what I was going to write about.  Doh! Semi-seriously. Lol! And with my goal of 500 words or less, I’m trying to get my head on straight or I will go over word count.  Oh yeah, anyway. I remember now!!!!!

I am VERY superstitious.  If I get 13 bloggers liking my post, I have to like my own work.  Doh@!  I cannot stand to see the number 13.  I will not stay on the 14th floor of any hotel.  You can’t trick me.  I know 14 is the new 13.  No walking under ladders, no stepping on a crack, no broken mirrors, no spilled salt, no fooling.  Ok, I have almost lost it.  But it’s funny so laugh on wit ur bad selves.

Once the likes are over 13, I try to unlike my prior like because you know I am not all that and so full of myself.  However, I have not yet figured out how to do that.  So yes, J-Dub likes what J-Dub does.  Say that three times fast :).

Also, I have been replying to comments from my cell phone, easy peas. But when I did so tonight from this desk top, my user name is somebody … I get an email that says somebody replied to this comment on Musings and Rambling.  Who the hell is somebody???!  Well it is ME!!!!

I guess this happens because I tried to make it easy for commenters to comment.  One does not need to enter email or get my approval etc.… all filters are off so feel free to talk back to me.  I did this because I have few secrets and I think the comments are what makes the blog great!  Not my musings and rambling but rather your responses are what makes me SUPER HAPPY in this virtual world.

Anyway, I am beat as in tired … as in sleeping a little better BUT still worrying about my girl. As in, it is hard to be a grown up.  Yet I have hope and that my friends is worth more than gold.

As always, more to come.


Trying To Get My Head On Straight

I offended some people yesterday with my rant and f bombs.  Funny thing is I can write words I rarely can say.  I guess you could say I offended myself.  Perhaps I’m projecting since things are pretty rocky right now.  Could be worse of course but sucky just the same.  

To combat this mental fog and worry, I’m on the hunt for silver linings.  I do not enjoy this vicious cycle. Worry does nothing except to take away peace ✌️.  I am turning over a new leaf 🍃 starting now.  

Here is my beautiful orchid.  The big bloom I recently shared but today I share the two buds on the right .. just aching to bloom.  I’ve been adding ice weekly to spur the blossom and they’re close.  Can’t you just tell?   They represent me and Lulu.  We will get through this. We will bloom.   I have to believe challenges can be overcome. 

Hug 🤗 your loved ones.  Choose to be kind.  As always more to come.