My Night Was Made

I heard Scott Grimes from the Band from TV say Mutha fu@kin USAA.  Then he realized oops this is a pretty conservative crowd.  Or maybe not the crowd but the company.  Because tonight was a big steaming bowl of diversity.  The party is still going strong but the introverts have left the building. 


I’m Crying in My Beer Over Here and I Fucking Hate Beer

Now wine or mixed drinks, bring it!  :).

I was super emotional and crying in my beer the night of¬†Friday December 9th. ¬†I needed to get the voices out of my head but all I got was the title above. ¬†Now today, I am cleaning out my drafts and I’m like oh ya, maybe I should finish my thoughts on this topic. ¬†Really who would want to waste such an awesome title? Lol!

This one is short and sweet. ¬†I was reminded of what my heart wants; my true passion, that I go back to time and time again. ¬†This gives me a renewed spirit and I can formulate my game plan for post retirement life. ¬†C’mon June 21, 2024! ¬†That is when phase II begins! ¬†J-Dub plans to be sitting on the floor in a circle with five-year-olds. ¬†Storytime¬†everyday! ¬†And crafts, don’t forget the crafts!!!!!

As always, more to come.