No Shave November, Turns into December, Turns into I May Never Shave My Legs Again for the Rest of My Life…

Lulu: “Mom, I’m worried about you, you need a FB intervention. How can you write all that stuff about losing your mind?”

Me: “Life is short, laugh a little. It’s just practice for my debut novel and truth is stranger and/or funnier than fiction”

Lulu: “Mom I’m trying to be serious”

Me: “That’s my point”

So I told her, don’t be so serious. It took me a long time being super serious and scared to death over every little thing before I finally realized what is truly important. In my almost 52 years, I’ve seen bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Life is not FAIR. My parents are gone, my grandparents are gone. We’ve lost extended family and friends. CANCER SUCKS and it has invaded so many people we know.  Billy-Bob has been injured on the job not once or twice but three times. Then there is the infamous October 2006. The list goes on and on…

Looking back to my younger self, I would have been mortified and broken. I was so ultra-sensitive. These experiences though, the really sucky ones somehow make you stronger. One day you just get to the point where you realize it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and you only have to please yourself. My wish for Pony, Wise and Lulu is that they do not have to go through things as awful as I have before the light bulb goes off. Even in the darkest hour, there is an ALWAYS a silver lining. As my daddy gently reminded us “It could’ve been worse” Humans can power through anything. I am missing them both today; missing them so very much. I wish they were physically here!

And … what does all that have to do with no longer shaving. You see I do what I want to when I want as long as I am not imposing on anyone else. I HATE shaving my legs. I started wearing pants even in the summer to avoid shaving but then Bing … light bulb … who cares?? So last year at my annual check I told my doctor I was sorry that I didn’t shave for her, but that I have stopped caring. She laughed and said she understood, then she raised her pant leg – my kindred spirit :). This past Saturday, I got a pedicure with about two months growth – the deluxe one with a 10 minute leg massage, lol. Ah who cares, it was relaxing. I asked Billy-Bob once if it bothered him that I now only shave about 3 or 4 times a year to which he replied when looking at my legs, that’s not hairy – this IS hairy pointing to his own … now we are in competition.

As Always, More to Come.


Obviously I can’t be serious without trying to be funny. This is a learned response to being afraid of what others think. I know, I know don’t quit my day job. Tis the season. Blessed day to you and yours, make it a good one.