Luckiest Unlucky Guy

Billy Bob hits on lottery tickets more often than not.  Last year at this time, he won big!  I thought 1k, he said no only $500. Just enough that he could still cash out at the store.  He had won $1500 one other time a while back and had to go the the lottery commission office. And I’ve done the math, he’s ahead despite the odds because he only partakes occasionally. 

So today when he needed water to take his pills (yes he’s old and 😖) he bought the last two tickets off a roll. He’d heard it was good luck to get the last ones. And viola, $50 on one & $25 on the other = $75 smackeroos.  All for the low low price of $8.  

He tells me the rule is cash out $100 or more but under that he should spin again!   I know he just likes the thrill of it.  Me too!  Here’s hoping for a bigger payday. 

Darn that inner voice telling me wasteful and shameful. Gotta live a little!  Right?!? No snake eyes, momma needs a new pair of shoes 👠 👠 

As always, more to come. 

My home away from home

That was part of the one word exercise from earlier this month and I can’t remember what I put but if I had to think of one word to describe my home away from home I would change my answer to books 📚 

I spent some time in Barnes & Noble looking for Christmas gifts 🎁.  They have a lot of good sales and I found an old-school journal for a buck 50 … the price was too good to pass up. 

I’ve written a few little things and I feel such release.  As much as blogging in the virtual world has helped me get the voices out of my head, there are still some things that are just too personal and private and painful to post.  Wow that’s a lot of Ps. 

I’m remembering a time in my past where I wouldn’t get out of bed on my days off.  I powered through the work week … one day at a time … minute by minute but come Friday at 4:30 all bets were off.  You’d see me again Sunday afternoon where the dread of Monday was a pit in my stomach. What an awful existence.  

I don’t remember how or why the lightbulb went off but it did.  I started keeping a regular schedule and my sleep patterns changed.  Sleeping in on the weekends meant getting up at 7 am.  Still plenty of time to accomplish something.  

It’s been years since I stayed in bed.  And today I thought I might give it a whirl.  Stay in bed all day with nothing to do or keep me occupied except for my books and my new journal.  For old time sake you know.  But the cliché saying is true … you can’t go home again.   And wasting the day is still an awful existence. 

With that I am up and out of here.  Wishing you all a wonderful day.  

As always, more to come.