Trying To Get My Head On Straight


I offended some people yesterday with my rant and f bombs.  Funny thing is I can write words I rarely can say.  I guess you could say I offended myself.  Perhaps I’m projecting since things are pretty rocky right now.  Could be worse of course but sucky just the same.  

To combat this mental fog and worry, I’m on the hunt for silver linings.  I do not enjoy this vicious cycle. Worry does nothing except to take away peace ✌️.  I am turning over a new leaf πŸƒ starting now.  

Here is my beautiful orchid.  The big bloom I recently shared but today I share the two buds on the right .. just aching to bloom.  I’ve been adding ice weekly to spur the blossom and they’re close.  Can’t you just tell?   They represent me and Lulu.  We will get through this. We will bloom.   I have to believe challenges can be overcome. 

Hug πŸ€— your loved ones.  Choose to be kind.  As always more to come. 


10 thoughts on “Trying To Get My Head On Straight

  1. That F bomb thing, you just gotta let those drop. I still talk like a musician around normal people. I mean even just a little like it, and they, you know, turn white and run away. My wife says to me all the time “You can go/come if you want to but you can’t just say ‘fuck ‘ to everyone about whatever the fuck it is, okay?”

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    1. Ha! It’s only a word. A very descriptive word. I’ve no trouble using it privately. Or here when it fits the occasion… which is always. Lol πŸ˜†


    1. I am glad, as that was not my intent. A few people stopped following me yesterday but then it could be because I am a boring blogger or something else entirely πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes Ice, I was surprised too. There was a little instruction card that with the plant which said add a single ice cube once a week. Supposedly letting them get dry is not good for them so you add the ice, needed or not and the plant is always damp. Of course if yours blooms then there goes that theory πŸ™‚


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