Pre-WordPress FB Ramble That Came Up In My Memories Today. Yay!!!

The following occurred 12/23/15 and I posted about it the next day.  Copying here vs. sharing on FB.  I’m reminded that we’re a hot mess with all our medical issues.  The margins were clear on my biopsy and the scar had started to fade.  Fast forward to this year and it’s Billy’s shoulder. Next year who knows?!?  Maybe I should just live for today?!?!?!!!

I’m back on the grid earlier than expected. Still no news on the biopsy so I will just have to wait and find out Monday. I’ve decided to wear something else. My Air Force Academy T-shirt and lucky snowmen socks could stand on their own. And since there is no such thing as LUCK, I’ll just have a little FAITH while I wait.

I call this novella “Spilling your coffee is lucky and sometimes migraines can be good”
Scene: Middle of the Super Target at the Vineyard with Lulu & Wise.  My cell phone rings…

Me: “hello”

B: “How was the 2nd annual <surname> Women Born in December Spa Day?”

Me: “Bliss, we’re in Target now. Are you home?”

B: “Yes, so where are we meeting for supper tonight?”  

Me: “Papoulis by Pony’s, just meet us at his apartment when you are ready. We’ll head over there soon”

B:  “Hey, did you get my dad anything for Christmas yet?”

Me: “Yes, you saw it. Did you get him something else?”

B: “Yep 5 months’ worth of birdseed from Wallman’s. He can go in and pick it up as he needs to refill”

Me: “He’ll love that”

B: “I got myself something for Christmas too”

Me: Fully expecting him to say deer corn and as I roll my eyes I say “Good for you, what’d you get?”

B: “I spilled my coffee this morning and I knew I’d get a migraine without the caffeine. I stopped at the gas station to get coffee and decided to buy a $5 scratch off since I have not done that in years.”

Me: “Nothing says Christmas like lottery tickets” (I am convinced that sarcasm is a learned family trait)

B: “True and I won! Merry Christmas to me.”

Me: “You won, really?!?!? Why am I not surprised, you always used to win. See after your work injuries we must’ve forgotten that you are LUCKY, you’ve always been lucky!!! So how much are you giving to ME?”   

And the answer to that is not monetary, it is more than I deserve. You see every day is Christmas at our household. Lulu asks why Billy and I don’t exchange gifts with each other and I always say because I get my gift every day.  

This year, I think she finally understands what I mean. Cheers to 2015; looking forward to 2016 and a year of firsts.

And now we are rolling into 2017, the year of firsts flashed before my eyes.  Still of the opinion I have more than I deserve.  

As always, more to come.

Funny Math Or New Math

The saga continues starting with the Luckiest Unlucky Guy in which Billy Bob won $75 smackaroos on lottery tickets.  

Even though it’s Christmas Eve, he had an appointment with his doctor this morning to get an injection in his shoulder.  He has been powering through but his shoulder has been bothering him for quite some time.   He had an MRI and the injection was determined to be the next course of action.  

He brought along his scratchers to cash in afterwards.   We joked that if the shot was a success, we would roll the dice 🎲 on more tickets but if the shot provided no relief, we’d take the cash.  

The good news is the shot worked wonders.  Should last for at least three months and then he’ll be eligible for another injection.  There’s not much more they can do.  He’s not a candidate for surgery thank goodness.  At least not yet. 

AnyWho we’re on cloud 9, heading to Rigsby Food Mart in Lakeside … the former Utotem ice house where as children we hung out and played video games back in the 80s.  Defender, Centipede, Pac Man.  

Setting the stage like the Goldbergs … it was December 24 1980 something.  He entered the Food Mart while  J-Dub stayed in the car.  She looked over at the Nissan Maxima parked next to her and thought “that guy sure looks familiar”.  She moved up a channel to 80s on 8 and waited for Billy Bob to return.  

Sure enough, as he exits with the “goods” Billy Bob stops to talk to the guy in the Maxima and it’s someone he went to high school with … who lives just down the road from us … who is working at Miller auto sales. The world is small people as big as it sometimes feels it’s really tiny. 

AnyWho we made it back to the house and the scratching begins.  My heart is beating fast  Aaahhhh !!!  First ticket $10.  Then a lot of nothing … 😒.  Then he hits $5.  Then more nothing … 😒. Then the very last ticket is $10 for a grand total of $25.   And we also have a $10 ticket for tonight’s numbers drawing.  That’s the one that we really want to work in our favor.  

Lulu says “Dad you lost 50 bucks”.  

B says “I didn’t lose anything;  I only spent $8 to get this rolling.  So in that sense I’m up $17”. 

Lulu continues “well you were up $67 and $67-$17 = $50”

B “nope I’m sticking to it.  I didn’t ever have that $67.  I lost nothing”

And that my friends is funny math or new math.  However you divide it my Billy Bob is a winner!!! 

Feeling blessed and joyful. 

As always, more to come.