Joys of a December Birthday 🎉 

Sitting here waiting to get my license renewed. If not for the bad eyes, I’d be able to renew online.    I even got in line online and still over an hour wait 😟.

The silver linings are everywhere!  Could be worse.  At least I have my WordPress app. img_1987

And yes that’s a cold sore.  “He” will live on in my dln picture for 12 more years 😂

As always, more to come.

You Were A Surprise! Happy Birthday Baby Girl! – Part Two

What’s the Difference between an Accident and a Surprise?

For those who watched the sit-com Roseanne in the 90s, you may remember an episode where Darlene told DJ he was an accident.  Here is the quoted scene:

D.J.: Was I an accident?

Roseanne: No, D.J., you were a surprise.

D.J.: Oh. What’s the difference?

Roseanne: Well, an accident is something that you wouldn’t do over again if you had the chance. A surprise is something you didn’t even know you wanted until you got it.

D.J.: Oh. Was Darlene an accident?

Dan: No, Darlene was a disaster.

Pony and Lulu are 9 and ½ years apart.  Some idiot people out there have told Lulu that she was an accident because of this big age gap.  Or some assume there is another baby daddy.  And that’s ok to have more than one baby daddy; you have no judgment from me on that topic.  But in our case nope, Billy Bob is my only baby daddy.  How many times can one write baby daddy in a paragraph?  Four, the answer is four.  For the record Lulu was not an accident!  She was my life saver.  Born just 5 weeks before my mom died.

Before we got married, Billy Bob and I had the “do you want kids” discussion.  We both wanted kids – me I thought four was a magical number, while he said two.  We decided to split the difference and have three.  Life said – No, you get two but we fooled you life – we have three – Pony, Wise and Lulu.  We have added our daughter in love.  And then one day in the distance future, I will get my four!  Old school math 2+2=4.

Oops, belated rabbit hole alert.  Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Everything was very easy with Pony but when we tried for bambino #2, things did not go as planned.  Sparing the gory details, let’s just say we were devastated.  Idiots again would ask when we were going to have another child and say things like how selfish we’d be to stop at one.  Everyone had an opinion.  We heard them all while keeping our struggles with infertility to ourselves.

But as not to be bitter, moving right along.  Instead, today we celebrate!!!  I say it again: Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Who won’t see this post because her only social media is Snap Chat … at least I think it’s Snap Chat but who knows?!? I’m not sure.  What I do know is she definitely won’t be perusing FaceBook or WordPress. 🙂

As always, more to come.

You Were A Surprise! Happy Birthday Baby Girl! – Part One

On this day 19 years ago, I went to work like usual after dropping off Pony at school.  I was working Monday through Friday 8:00 to 1:00 and had a 1:30 doctor’s appointment that day.  By this time I was going in weekly.  Since I was considered a high risk pregnancy with gestational diabetes to boot, I was seeing an endocrinologist in addition to my OB.

They always started with a sonogram.  This time though I am told “we’re admitting you” something about cord in each quadrant and low amniotic fluid.  I paged Billy Bob, yes I said paged.  This was a mostly pre-cell phone era or cell phone the size of a brick.  Either way, he did not have one.  The plan was to meet me at the hospital if he got a page.

I went back to work.  Put an out of office message on my Outlook and voice mail.  Re-assigned my diaries to co-workers and told my boss that I was going in.  She hugged me and said “get out of here crazy, you had no business coming back here today” 🙂

At 10:50 pm, Lulu entered the world and our lives were forever changed for the better.  Cue music and tears of joy.



As always, more to come.