I feel the need to testify

Today was¬†fan-freaking-tastic!! ¬†So many things happened that I could blog over each¬†separate event¬†and have six¬†days‚Äô worth of material. ¬†I vowed recently to stay at 500 words or less so are not to lose people’s attention. ¬†Therefore I have a¬†decision to make.¬†Do I write a separate post for each¬†topic or do I make a frenetic all in one post but lean, not in typical J-Dub, War and Peace fashion. ¬†Look at me I have wasted 87 words on this introduction.¬† Doh!

#1 – Billy Bob and I are frugal. ¬†We do not turn on the heat until we absolutely have to because we are … frugal! ¬†And when we do turn it on, we set the temp at 65 degrees – BRISK! ¬†I’ll wear a parka indoors before I pay more than I have to for heat. ¬†Propane is expensive! ¬†Last night it finally got cold enough to use the heater and guess what?!? ¬†Not working! ¬†Fuck. And the system is relatively new too, just installed¬†in August in 2015.

#2 РI borrowed the in-laws 2010 Honda Accord so that Lulu could use our baby Buick to meet up with a friend.  She is home for the break!  The nest is temporarily filled.  Anyway the Honda sounds like a motorcycle. Vroom Vrooooom Vrooom VROOOOM!  I liked it, makes me think we need to break down and get Lulu a car. But not now, e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y

#3 – Picture me cruising down the road in the Honda. ¬†I wanted to get to work early this morning because I wanted to get warm :). ¬†Well not only that; today there was a mission. ¬†The Riverwalk Crew had a marathon wrapping session of toys for the children of¬†Avance. ¬†I have the best co-workers ever and we got to deliver 32 wrapped gifts and snacks to the¬†kiddos. ¬†We stayed a bit and made snow. ¬†1 cup¬†Suave¬†conditioner and 2 cups baking soda and wa-la SNOW. ¬†Cold stuff that they used like finger paint all over the table –¬†Brrrr. ¬† One¬†sweet¬†boy wanted none of it ūüė¶ ¬†He cried and the teacher was wonderful in calming him down and getting him back to smiling.

#4 – I know what I am going to do after June 21, 2024 … that’s my pre-destined¬†retirement¬†date. ¬†I am going to find a place like¬†Avance¬†to spend my days. ¬†They won’t even have to pay me. ¬†I just want more than anything to be like that teacher! ¬†Shout out to all my teacher friends. ¬†THANK YOU for ALL YOU do!

#5 –¬†Afternoon a holiday lunch and gift exchange. ¬†Zinc is the BEST!!! ¬†We had our own little private party room. ¬†This was the most hilarious exchange I have¬†ever attended … ever!¬† We each start holding our own gift. ¬†The “congressman” read Twas the Night Before Christmas with left and right inserted at various parts of the story. ¬†You move the gift one space left or right when you hear it read as the story progresses. ¬†Back and forth, back and forth.¬† Fun but not yet hilarious.¬† At the end, we all got our own gifts back! ¬†That was NOT supposed to happen. ¬†Of course we have to tease about not being able to read; then we resorted to old school pick a number. ¬†I stole to get the sarcastic calendar and lottery tickets but I ended up with a football bank that says ‘touchdown’ when you drop coins in. ¬†Lol! Too funny. ¬†A coin bank for she who pinches¬†penny :). ¬†fullsizerender-44

#6 РBack home, heater still not working.  Po-Po loaned us an electric space heater to tide us over.  Lulu and I are huddled in here trying to stay warm.  Friend of a friend just left us with a temporary fix.  We need to call the propane company tomorrow for a service call and permanent repair.  I’m glad we are only renting the tank so they have to fix it.Doh!

I am over word count.  Too lazy to edit.  As always, more to come.