Thursday Thoughts ~ 5/12/22

Well property valuation protest prepping is going to end me. What a racket. We’re blessed to have a roof over our heads but if this keeps up for how long? The rat 🐀 bastards. Sorry I’m just venting. I’m sure they’re very nice people. The system is what’s flawed.

Yet I don’t have it in me to vent. Apparently I didn’t protest last year. And I’d been on a roll since 2016. Instead 2020 was when I got them down by 1/2 the amount increased. For 2022, the increase was six freaking figures with a homestead cap of 99k to offset. What the ever loving blankety blank.

No way we could sell the home for the amount they’ve assessed. Or I’d we could, we might just do it and go completely off the grid. Jilly J-Dub and her Jeremiah Johnson living off the land. Now that brings relief 😮‍💨 to think about that.

Champagne 🍾 problem. More whine with some cheese 🧀 . This is exhausting!!

Tata for now.

As always more to come.