Share Your World ~ 5/31/22

Melanie serves up the questions while I add my side dish responses to the plate.


Has anyone ever tried to scam you? Not that I’m aware of which is scary because it means I could have been scammed and not even know it. I do have a vivid memory of a young couple coming to our front door. They told my parents that they needed money for medicine for a sick child and that they were friends of our neighbors who they had gone to first but they were not home at the time. The pharmacy was closing and their need was urgent. Mom and dad reacted immediately and gave them all their cash on hand. The next day it all came out that our neighbors didn’t know the couple and it was a scam. Two other families on the block, gave their cash on hand too. Daddy’s reaction impacted my impressionable mind, God bless ’em, they needed the money more than we do. Mom’s response was more of I’d do it again because the next time, it might really be a child in need.

What’s the best thing about parties? When they end. lol I’m not much of a party person even before Covid.

Do you listen to people’s advice if you didn’t ask for it? I’m wishy washy and always seek out other opinions/recommendations. Who gave the unsolicited advice would impact my acting upon it. If I trust them, I may just take heed. I’m fortunate enough to have people in my circle that would try to “help” me out. Someone like B for example knows me better than I know myself some times.

Why is it impossible to spell funeral without fun? Because a funeral is a celebration of life. I want a good ole fashion Irish wake even as I learned from Ancestry DNA that my Irish percentage dropped from 17% to 3%. I’m not as Irish as I thought I was. The Scottish lowlands have taken over.


How was last week for you? I wept along with the rest of the nation on Tuesday. I took off Friday and completely disconnected. Time stopped as we rolled with the flow on Saturday as well. We’ve been watching the cardinal nest outside my office window. Second year in a row, different spot but same general vicinity of our front yard. Same as last year four eggs to start with one that got pushed out leaving three. All have hatched and I’m betting they will be gone before end of week. Last year we saw one hop off from nest to the sidewalk then take off in flight. I doubt we’ll be that lucky to see that again but we look every day. Timing is luck of the draw. Makes it exciting.

April 2021 – Three little birds