Share Your World 🌎 ~ 5/24/22

Time for another round of #SYW. Melanie asks the πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ questions. Silly πŸ™ƒ Jilly provides her two cents. Let’s goooooooo ….

If You Could Be Best Friends With A Celebrity, Who Would It Be? I’m not enamored 🀩 by celebrities. B is my best friend. Awww ☺️ cue music 🎢 how saweet.

What is, or should be, the main purpose of law? To keep the hooligans in line.

Do You Care About Reviews? Nope πŸ‘Ž too subjective. I like to form my own opinion. Though I will read reviews for days when I research 🧐 things like a major purchase. Sometimes I might inadvertently be influenced. Though I try to be open. Plus I’ve been burned πŸ”₯ by someone else’s stellar review to find a dog 🐩 with fleas. Fool me once …

Is the β€˜mind’ different to the β€˜brain’? If so, in what ways? The brain 🧠 is an organ. The mind isn’t. I’m sure the differences are more complex than that but my mind aka my thought πŸ’­ process isn’t firing on all cylinders right now. See what I did there? Lol πŸ˜‚ Nada. Take 2 🎬 the mind uses the brain. The brain responds to and can be changed by the mind. The mind is sly like a fox 🦊.

GRATITUDE SECTION Overall how sunny is your nature? (Optimistic)? We’ll have you met me yet? I’m a freaking ray of sunshine β˜€οΈ. Hello πŸ‘‹ have you fainted in shock? Yes πŸ™Œ tis true. Lol πŸ˜‚ More seriously πŸ˜’, I’m Eeyore. Except if you meet me irl because happy πŸ˜ƒ happy 😊 happy πŸ˜† bouncy Tigger is the way to be. Back when I had employees, they appreciated my upbeat support. I’m an empath. People managing almost ended me. I miss my peeps but I’m grateful πŸ˜‡ someone else can be their cheerleader.

As always more to come.